Friday, August 06, 2010

Animals are better, because...

I am not whining, but the past three weeks have really kicked my ass at work. Tip for the uninitiated: when you have two big events and two trainings and everything in between to plan for, and one of you is on vacation - and there are only two of you - you will be tired!

It's not just work that has been busy...a couple of friends are going through rough times. Learning more about the horrible things they've gone through makes me want to hug them and cringe at the same time, because some of these things happened when they were kids and I don't see how their families could have been so cruel.

All of this reinforces my belief that animals are much better than people! Let's face it - take my kitties for instance:

1. They're always happy to see us
2. They are always honest with us
3. If they're upset, they let us know
4. They get brownie points for snuggling with our partner
5. They are not going to ask why a grassroots nonprofit (read: low-budget) organization with only two full-time people is not holding a training at a retreat center, catered. I'm not making this up. There is one volunteer I'd just like to turn upside down and shake until all of the dumb things in her head come out for good!

Animals are so much better than humans, don't you think?

So here is a cute video for those of you who haven't seen it, to make this a shiny happy post!


Anonymous said...

And animals are never dogmatic, nor do they catalogue their catastrophes. I agree with you. They're often more fun to have around than humans.

Have a nice day, Boonsong

Lynn said...

They are also such good feline alarm clocks - I don't think I am ever in any danger of oversleeping for work. Sophie starts in on the waking me up by 5am even on Saturday and Sunday. Sigh.

Hang in there, friend! And I think the big cats do like catnip. :)

Aliceson said...

#5- ...or until enough money falls out of her pockets to pay for catering and the retreat center.

Fireblossom said...

...and they always want to watch what you want to watch on tv! Animals rock.

G. B. Miller said...

Aminals are the perfect therapy for what ails ya.

My cat Holly always knows when to come wandering around (besides for breakfast and dinner) for a minute or two of decompressing.

As for that "volunteer", she needs to be bitch slapped and left on a street corner with a three card monte dealer.

Claire said...

I only have goldfish at the mo...but they're pretty awesome.

I cannot wait to have kittehs!


Riot Kitty said...

B: They are definitely more fun to have around!
L: Thanks! And you're right about the alarm clocks - on the weekends too, unfortunately ;)
A: Exactly! Did I mention she doesn't work?
FB: Ours watch PBS with us!
G: Our guys seem to know when we need them, too. And good idea for the volunteer...
C: Kittehs rule! Make sure they don't look at your goldfish and say, "Hello, lunch!"

Senorita said...

I wish I had enough time, money and energy to take care of a pet. I would spoil it rotten.

Ileana said...

Animals love us unconditionally, have better hearts than humans, don't talk back and they don't write weird-ass sh*t in the comments section of our blogs!

Darth Weasel said...

you are gonna make me miss bella...the little turd.

Fireblossom said...

What happened to the picture at the top? Wasn't it Garfield?

Riot Kitty said...

S: It's good that you see it that way - so many people just get them and neglect them.
I: Exactly!
Darth: You'll be reunited soon. Then I can play you that 70s song...
FB: Garfield is from the previous post (see below.)