Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'm not the biggest fan of the holidays - OK, that's an understatement - namely because I'm irritated by 1) crass commercialism, 2) crass capitalism, 3) traffic, 4) crowds, and 5) stupid people.

Mix all of these with nasty, wet winter weather and - voila! - you have the holiday season.

Nevertheless, I am missing my great aunt, who died in August, especially much this time of year. Which also reminds me that I miss my cat, my cousin and my friend Ward.

I didn't want to do cards. I still have not put up the tree.

One more point of proof that my great aunt knew she was dying even before her cancer diagnosis - she labeled the Christmas ornaments that were from me. (We had a tradition of getting each other ornaments, no matter how many we had to try and fit onto an already crowded tree.) Her niece, my aunt Julie, sent the ornaments to me last week, and when the box got here, I almost cried.

I'm still not sure what to do with them. For now, they're in the closet.

Is the first holiday season the hardest without the ones we love, even with others we love here to hold us up?


Darth Weasel said...

the first one is usually the hardest, particularly when it has been an extraordinarily rough year. but you on on the right path...stay close to your loved ones and concentrate on the positive memories, you will find that surprising things might make you smile. hang in there

Anonymous said...

I lost my parents when I was a child and my brother on Thanksgiving about 15 years ago.

Trust me--it does get easier.

Jessica said...

In one way it's so much harder at Christmas. In another it seems like they're closer to us.
Do somethign with those ornaments whether it's to put on a tree, in a glass bowl or from draped ribbons. She'd want them to be around you now so you can share the season, like you always have.

JLee said...

I'm sorry kitty :(
I know what you mean about the holidays. I sometimes get melancholy this time of year and sad at all the racing around/shopping/commercialism. I will be working through the holidays so always online if you ever wanna drop me a line! xo

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks JLee...I might take you up on it! And thanks for the good ideas, Jessica...and hugs as always, Sr. Woodchuck!

JBoombostick said...

Christmas is such a letdown for those that get over the top involved with it.