Monday, December 03, 2007

How COOL is my dad?

I think it's fitting, albeit accidentally, that my dad and a great gift are the subjects of my 100th post. (100 fucking posts?! Mon dieu! Who would have thought that much inane griping could be accomplished outside of a GOP debate?!)

First, if you haven't read Dave Barry's holiday gift guide, you really need to:

A week and a half ago or so, I sent this to my list of funny people (or rather, people who like things that are funny, and have senses of humor), including my padre. My favorite gift, I noted, was the 10 plagues bowling set.

I could not, would not make this up. It's so cool, in fact, that an enchanted reader posted a comment on the article's feedback page inquiring if said bowling set was, in fact real, because he wanted one!

Yes, Neil, there is a Santa Claus.

Today, getting home from an interview, and managing to get drenched enough in the 15-foot walk from car to front door that I looked like a wet dog, I had a package waiting for me that proclaimed to be from "your source for everything Jewish."

My family is pseudo-Jewish - I say that because our ancestry, along with being Apache, Irish, and a few other things, is Swiss Jewish, but some of the Jews I know don't consider me a "real" Jew - but I couldn't figure out what it was or who had sent it to me.

I opened it with a dull kitchen knife and lo and behold, my much dreamed-of 10 plagues bowling set!

Hooray! This made my fucking day, I tell you.

Thanks Pop!!!

**Author's note: Is it just me (and my little sister), or does one of the plagues look like a giraffe?**


Darth Weasel said...

I think #3 looks like Yakko or Wakko, one of the Animaniacs

JLee said...

That is too funny!! Your dad is cool. I love the new profile pic by the way...hysterical.

Jessica said...

Dads are cool like that!

By the way, I hope you're not getting pounded too bad by that wet weather out there.

Riot Kitty said...

Hey Jessica,
We're OK - the badly flooded areas are on the coast and we're farther inland. Thanks for asking!