Monday, December 25, 2006

In the words of Eric Idle...

This is supposed to be a time of year to wish for goodwill and peace on Earth (why don't we do that every day?), spend time with friends and family, etc.

But it has been ruined, for the most part, by last-minute shop-a-holics who forget how to drive, how to make room for other people when walking out of doors, and in short, how to be civil. I'm hoping that a modicum of civility will return Dec. 27, the day after the second busiest shopping day of the year (tomorrow), during which I plan to stay home and hide.

Fuckers. Thanks for ruining the Christmas season.

So for that part of it, I say, Fuck Christmas! (Especially for the bitch in the huge SUV who backed into my car and then demanded to know why I didn't back up because she had her reverse lights on.)

So I let Eric Idel speak for me, and everyone else who is tired of dealing with assholes this month:

Fuck Christmas!
By Eric Idle

Fuck Christmas!
It's a waste of fucking time.
Fuck Santa
He's just out to get your dime.
Fuck Holly and Fucky Ivy
And fuck all that mistletoe
White-bearded big fat bastards
Ringing bells where e'er you go
And bloated men in shopping malls
All going Ho-Ho-Ho
It's Christmas fucking time again!

Fuck Christmas
It's a fucking Disney show
Fuck carols
And all that fucking snow
Fuck reindeer
And fuck Rudolph
And his stupid fucking nose
And fucking sleigh bells tinkling
Everywhere you fucking goes
Fuck stockings and fuck shopping
It just drives us all insane.
Go tell the elves
To fuck themselves
It's Christmas time again!

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