Wednesday, June 11, 2008

'U' is for 'Up Yours!'

So I got into a small pissing match with my insurance agent's right-hand person yesterday. The issue that was raised related to the fact that a couple of times in the past, he had bumped up my coverage...and apparently he's not supposed to do that. At the time, it sounded reasonable, and I said, "OK," but it had already been done.

So his assistant said, essentially, there's no way he would have done that, it's unethical, she didn't believe it, blah blah blah.

The funny thing is, I had just referenced his actions in the context of a price discussion. I wasn't accusing him of anything nefarious (although it sounds like I should have.)

Guess who lost the pissing contest?

Tips for the uninitiated:

1. When you have a client with a complaint, don't essentially call them a liar.
2. When your customer says the price seems a bit high, don't reply, "We can't just come up with a magical number because you think the rates are too high."

When failing to follow 1 and 2, expect said customer to transfer all three of her family's insurance policies to another agent's office.

Within the same insurance company.



listen for azure said...

Sometimes it just feels really damn GOOD to be right - so right that you have the power to punish someone for being a stupid moron. Go girl! I'm glad you had to call and share ;-)

Scarlet said...

Wow, maybe she'll think about 1 and 2 next time before she blah blah blahs.

JLee said...

Good for you! I think they forget, YOU are paying them and can change at any time.

Darth Weasel said...

"within the same company"
you, my friend, have more faith in people than I do. too often companies develop a culture of doing things a certain way...and usually if one will screw you, many or all of them will. with that said...nice work!

Green tea said...

Feels good doesn't it Kitty ?
Your former agent forgot the golden rule.
"The client is always right..!"