Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Warning: complaints and lots of swearing.

Sorry, it's just got to be purged...inevitably, you have a couple of great days and then you have one that irritates you. Or things add up that irritate you.

1. The people who have pissed me off, or who are related to or otherwise connected to people who have pissed me off, that I feel like I can't write about in case they read this. I haven't even given the blog address to some of you! How the hell did you find this? What the fuck am I supposed to do? Create a new blog that only I can read? I can call it smutkitty or something like that, and no one living in the Northwest will be allowed to read it.

2. The nagging bitch who wouldn't let me off the phone for an hour - an hour! - yesterday blaming everyone and everything and telling me how much everyone sucks at my organization. And get this - she went on for 55 minutes about how her time had been wasted! Hellooooooooo! What the fuck do you think you're doing with my time?

3. The fucking sanitary napkin (isn't that an oxymoron anyway?) people who have adopted the slogan, "have a happy period." Fuck you, it's never a happy period! Using your fucking pink and purple font will NOT make it happier. And I have to see your ad online why? Who are you, the Britney Spears of menstruation?

4. The rain and wind most of this week. You're bad for my hair and I hate you.

5. The idiots who don't understand what "RSVP by Monday" means. After many reminders you call and say, "Hmm, and I might bring guests, I don't know." Guess what, fuckface - the caterer DOES have to know! Go ahead and show up and eat the extra napkins.

6. The cunt who e-mailed me and cc'd my boss and said it was "a waste of time and money" to have A VOLUNTEER e-mail her and ask if she's coming to the event. Get a clue, bitch. VOLUNTEER means he did something UNPAID! Nothing wasted except his effort on your small brain.

6. The former boss of mine who is a complete chickenshit asshole and I can't even get into it here why I feel this way, or I'll get pissed off all over again. (J, it's not you, you are awesome!)

7. The Goodnight Moon book. I have always hated you. FYI.

Is something pissing you off? Inquiring minds want to know!


LL Cool Joe said...

So, Kitty's a bit pissed off then? :D

Having a powercut for 19 hours was bloody irritating!

I hope your in-laws have enjoyed reading this post too. :)

Fireblossom said...

Oh nooooooo, you hate "Goodnight, Moon"??? Don't tell me you also hate "The Runaway Bunny"????

Oh well, I HATE HATE HATE "The Sound Of Music" and everyone thinks I'm a monster for that. I'd like to shove every one of those morons right off an alp.

Have a happy period??? You're joking, right? There should be an ad for a mortuary: "It's YOUR funeral...make it wonderful!"

Gosh, nobody I'm related to or work for comes to Word Garden. I'm glad, too. My mother thinks my poetry is a quaint little hobby like stamp collecting.

Darth Weasel said...

If I did not know better I would suspect you have a teeny tiny bit of resentment building up inside you...
really no helpful words, but akin to #2, had a former co-worker come in the other day and, after talking for about 10 minutes about...well, I don't know what about, still can't figure that part out...went on a similar rant about how her boss often talks for quite a while about nothing, but she likes to get in, boom, take care of business, boom, out, moving on (almost her exact words) and then proceeded to talk about...uh...hmm...about...about something, I am sure...well, to talk for another 10 minutes or so before leaving. Just awesome. Irritating, to be sure...yet awesome in a horrifying, train wreck, I want to rant type of way.

And the RSVP people...isn't that most people these days? They suck. I think we should call them Mullatocs. No particular reason, that is just my verification word and I think I like it.

pheromone girl said...

Aah, now don't you feel better? A good rant is like a good cry - cleanses the soul of all the bad stuff.

My biggest pet peeve is people who work in food service or the grocery store and cough on my food during flu seasson. I'm sorry you can't survive without your paycheck for the day, but you're giving the rest of the known universe Influenza B. Stay home!!

Rant away!!

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks everyone...Fireblossom, I haven't read the Runaway Bunny. I love the line about wanting to push them off of the alp!

So does it mean anything that the word verification is lypoops? :)

BTW - I felt SO much better after I spewed this over the keyboard.

Scarlet said... might work. :)

I hate to hear you're pissed off, but I LOVE this post! Especially the last line in #2.

PS - How can you not like the traveling mouse in the Goodnight Moon book? Seriously.

Riot Kitty said...

I DO like the mouse. Just don't like the book.

Feeling much better now :)

Green tea said...

The republican A-holes trying to rewrite history.
Especially Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh.
and the big B Ann Coulter.
Don't get me started.
How about Krud who I have to keep deleting from my blog because he has no friends and no place else to go play.
Elizabeth on the View..
I hope her husband gets caught with a hooker someday.
I could go on and on..but I need to take my BP medicine first

Shionge said...

Right on RK - give them a piece of your mind Sweetie :D

OK - Japanese food, no octopus ;)

K-Rod said...

It's the begining of the Obama Depression.
Fools still support a p.o.s. like Dodd that wrote the amendment to to OK the aig bonuses then demonized them...
Some other idiot claimed "One persons Pork is another person essential service." "Essential"? Where in the Constitution can you find that?
Heck, the word "democracy" is not found in the Constitution.

I bust my ass to support my wife and kids. I do it beacuse I want to. I enjoy it. I also enjoy enlightening liberals to reality.

Life is good!!!

Have a nice day!

Claire said...

Oh man. "Have a happy period" enrages me!!!!


vivavavoom said...

Let it out girl!!! And you need to get That Goodnight Bush book instead...much better! The first gripe I totally understand..happened to me. So I will say what you always say to some chocolate. You are SO have Moonstruck right there. Go get some. they are waiting for you!! And fuck everything and everyone else. And no there is NO such thing as a happy period....that is like saying there is such a thing as a comfortable mammogram.

Chella and Sarah said...

See my latest blog post re Always.

But we may fall out over you hating on the old lady whispering hush.

Not cool.

Riot Kitty said...

Check it out - I have Good Night Bush, and I love it! Who is the old lady whispering hush?