Monday, March 30, 2009

Because she is awesome

Here is a tribute to my poet friend Sarah, who has two blogs and is the lovely wife of my longtime friend Chella. How's that for linkage?

Anyhow - with permission from Feminist Review, I am posting Sarah's contest-winning poem on my blog...which, oddly enough, was going to be about sexism. She says it so much better than I can.

Dream On: Sarah Thomasin

I dream that no one calls me ‘clever girl’ when I am thirty.
I dream I get respect for something more than being flirty.
I dream my sexuality is beautiful, not dirty.
Dream on.

I dream that I am judged on more than how I do my hair.
I dream that I – not magazines – decide what’s right to wear.
I dream I walk unmocked with my unshaven armpits bare.
Dream on.

I dream that silenced women find their voices can be heard.
I dream no one says feminist like it’s a dirty word.
I dream that sexist language is considered quite absurd.
Dream on.

We dream that we are free to be exactly who we feel
We dream, not of the way things are, but of the best ideal.
We dream, and every time we dream, the dream becomes more real.
Dream on.
Dream on.
Dream on.

-- Sarah Thomasin


Sidhe said...

I agree, she is awesome.

Awesome poem!

Fireblossom said...

oOo, dreaming is my specialty!

I'm really glad you featured this poem, Twin. Both poem and poet rock!

LL Cool Joe said...

I dream of the day when there are no gender stereotypes of any kind. When people are just valued as people, and what they have between their legs is completely insignificant.

Cool poem. :)

Claire said...

Awesome poem :). Great post.


Word Geek said...


pheromone girl said...


Scarlet said...

I love how she rhymed thirty and flirty and dirty and everything else. She's awesome!

What woman who dreams cannot relate to this poem...and what woman doesn't dream? It's amazing and your poet friend is truly gifted. Congrats to Sarah.