Sunday, March 08, 2009

In praise of being a bad kitty.

Time for the Scary Clown Award!!!*

The Scary Clown Award is given to blogs which display a great sense of humor...and attitude.

I got this awesome prize from my pal Fireblossom. (Note: we have both been in recovery for more than 10 years, have both lived in San Antonio, and we are both writers. And based on the playlist on her blog, we have similar tastes in music...she's just much hipper and cooler than I am.)
Here are the rules. She request that you please follow them carefully.

1. There are no rules. Wear it with pride!

I nominate:

Darth Weasel
Word Geek

*I would like to note that I do not like clowns - they make me sad - and scary clowns give me the willies. So I have substituted a picture of a not-so-scary squirrel instead.


Claire said...

Bless you for the squirrel touch. I freaking dislike clowns.


Fireblossom said...

Neat-o, it's Scary Clown time at RK's! Lovin the squirrel! He's terrifying! *falls over laffing*

And I am not coola and hippa. Especially now that you have the SC Award!

pheromone girl said...

I know why we fear the clown. When I was 5 I went to a birthday party where there was a clown. He'd been drinking (I could tell by the smell) and I don't think he'd washed in a week (eau de street people). Plus, his pants were unzipped. And the mom of the birthday twerp MADE US ALL SIT IN HIS LAP. As he giggled maniacally. I. Hate. Clowns.

Mr. Riot Kitty said...

As I was just coming of age my family and I were living with the Criollos in the Beni province of Bolivia. We had moved there from Sarasota FL with the sole purpose of getting away from the circus folks. Little did we know that just outside of our village was el campo del payaso maligno, the spawing grounds of scary clowns. I was scarred for life. True story.

-not really

Darth Weasel said...

I would say I hate clowns but for one tiny, minor just suggested I am one. Hence, to hate clowns would be to hate myself. Which some people have suggested would be the right path, so maybe I should...ah, nuts, now I am going to have a metaphysical quandary about the possibilities of hating clowns other than me while not being a clown that I am named for being for possessing all the qualities of a clown without having the name which, of course, I now have, but what if I don't accept I still have the name? On the other hand, ...*urk*

I thank you for this award :-)

Pouty Lips said...

I love this meme because there are no rules which means you can change it up anyway you want to! Congrats. I will visit your nominees.