Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Like diamonds and pearls...

Joey inspired us with his post about pearls...or rather, magical moments that stand out in your memory. Pheromone Girl also posted about her pearls... And I was flattered to be on that list!

So here are some of mine, in no order in particular...

1. Having lunch with her at a place I had never been before and having it click that I had a new friend.

2. Leaving my dorm in NYC, right as it started pouring...then getting umbrellas as gifts from people who were coming in from the storm.

3. Having the all the lights go out and hearing the song, "Happy, happy birthday, baby," while a waitress brought a dessert with a sparkler on my 21st birthday.

4. Realizing with Mr. RK, over nachos at 3 am, that this was it!

5. Telling my least favorite relative by marriage (who was a wife-beating son of a bitch), "One more thing. Go fuck yourself!"

6. Sitting on the roof at 2 a.m. at a summertime party in college, getting complimented on my silver dress by a guy with no sexual agenda (for my gender, anyhow.)

7. Having cheesecake with Mike D, and hanging out in Central Park talking for quite a long time, even though it felt way too short.

8. Overhearing someone I detested at work complain, after picking up her lunch and bringing it back to work, "Damn! They gave me all of the white parts of the lettuce in my salad!"

9. Laughing so hard with my friend Ward, over scrambled eggs in a diner in NYC, that I almost started crying.

How about you?


Claire said...

Love this. So stealing it later!


Aliceson said...

I love #5! Even if you look for the good in people, they can still turn out to be *ssholes.

Great list! I may have to try this if it continues to be a rainy day.

LL Cool Joe said...

What a cool list! I must admit I only came up with one thing but I'm sure there must be other Pearl Fishing moments in my life too!

Thanks for the mention. :)

Logical Libby said...

I have never told anyone to go fuck themselves. I am still waiting for that day, the way children wait for Christmas.

pheromone girl said...

I am so honored to make the list. Bay Leaf... Bay Leaf.... XOXOXO

Grandpa Eddie said...

That is sooo cool!

Call me a softy....but I think #4 is the coolest of them all!

#5 is a close second.

Scarlet said...

Ha! #5 is so you! :)

I love the last one. There's nothing I enjoy more than uncontrollable laughter!! (Well, maybe one thing...but it's not funny.)

Femin Susan said...

Great post…………! So much information good to know. Have a blessed weekend!

Mike_D said...

Hey, I'm in this!!!

Awwwww-- that was a good time and good memory!!!

JLee said...

Such precious pearls in time. Thanks for sharing and I may steal this too! lol