Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just STFU~!

You all know what that stands for...

So we (two former reporters and some volunteers) were complaining at work yesterday about how the media are totally sensationalizing this swine flu stuff. Fear sells, I guess, but - hello! - there has not been ONE CASE in my state, and yet it's being written about, talked about, broadcast about, everywhere.

Yet 200,000 people die of regular flu in this country every year, and there's no panic. Regular flu isn't as sexy as swine, I guess.

So before there was bird flu...and SARS...and hoof and mouth disease...and leprechaun cooties...oh wait, I was supposed to keep that one secret.

As we are ranting an ad for an evening news show comes on the radio: "Killer bees are out there! One man was attacked by killer bees! (Clip of 9-1-1 call: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!) What to do to survive an attack of killer bees!"

Again - I am in Oregon. How often does that happen? How often does that happen anywhere, for that matter?

A word to the mainstream media: just shut the fuck up. Do your job. Words shouting into the wind, I know.


Claire said...



Darth Weasel said...

so true. on the bright side, the Goose got off a great line about the Swine Flu while we were watching Muppets Take Manhattan the other night:

"Isn't swine flu a combo of the bird flu and something to do with pigs?"
"It must have started when Miss Piggy slept with Big Bird."

Granny Annie said...

Amen sister RK! The media is a bunch of fear mongers and the one product they sells is sensationalism. Perhaps you can begin the STFU campaign against them. I'm in.

skyewriter said...

That bee thing would be funny except for the fact that they are dying at an alarming rate. If you ask me, those killer bees need to head to the cable news networks (particularly Fox) and take care of some unfinished business...

Word Geek said...

Personally I never thought I'd see the day when "8 People In Britain Have Flu" was front page news.
The guy on Breakfast news today in all seriousness 'reported' that one of the recovering cases 'still has a cough'. Hold the front page! Woman Coughs!
it's a shame it's such a slow news week. I'm sure if something like the withdrawal of troops from Iraq was going on, this'd blow over. Oh, wait...

k. said...

not to be pedantic (i do totally think Swine Flu IS being sensationalized), but we DO have it in Oregon now:

STILL not a big deal - i mean, don't pull a Jim Henson, and for the love of Mike don't leave the damn house when you're sick - all shit we should be doing all the time any fucking way!

Grandpa Eddie said...

The MSM needs something to keep people's attention, or they lose viewership/readership. The last couple of weeks it was torture. Before that it was Somali Pirates. And before that it was the budget. They'll run with the "swine flu" for as long as they can, then they'll grab something else to shove in front of our faces.

Scarlet said...

And that, my friend, is why I turn to YOU for the evening news. ;)

Beautifully written.

JLee said...

You KNOW I'm with you on this one!! We are doing a story about how much more likely you are to be killed by a drunk driver, but people don't stop driving. We have numerous closings, entire ISD closings, etc. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

They're still raising panic on the news here and it's ridiculous!!! Every year it seems like I get hit with one or two strains of flu that knock me on my ass. It pisses me off that this strain is what is causing people to take measures like, if you feel like you might have the flu you should wear mask. For fuck's sake, it should be like that every winter!!! People should clean their desks and wash their hands regularly to begin with. Yet, this strain is the one freaking everyone out? Get the fuck over it!!!!

Thank you. I feel better now... until I watch the news again.

Fireblossom said...

One of the local channels here has these totally fear-based trashy teasers for their news broadcasts. They say something like:

"Giant Nuclear-Powered Sabre-Toothed Clowns ruined this woman's credit...could it happen to you?!?!?! Tune in at 11 and find out!"

Or, they claim to have the answers to unanswerable questions:

"What happens after we die? Find out on Channel 4 News at 11!"


pheromone girl said...

Wait - Fireblossom - tell me what happens! AAARGH!

Anyway, having survived a killer case of influenza (sick for 6 weeks) earlier this year, needing antibiotics for a secondary infection that set in and having a cough for almost 2 weeks more, guess what I did to protect my co-humans?

I STAYED HOME. Jeez, people. Oh, and don't touch shopping carts. EWWWW.

Phil said...

LMAO! I'd swear you just posted a transcript of a conversation I had yesterday.

LL Cool Joe said...

Yuck I'd never thought of the shopping trolleys until now! Thanks for that! :D

Well of course here in the UK the press are being very controlled and balanced about it all.


And shops are running out of masks. I have mine on as I write this. Not because I'm scared of getting swine flu, just because I'm a bit weird.

Green tea said...

Kitty you are so on with this one.
Minnesota has had one verified case and they closed 5 schools.
I guess it will go on until Obama nominates a Supreme court judge or some other young woman disappears
or Levi gets his new girl friend preggers..