Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm here, I'm here!

Not blogging for a few days was like going without coffee ;)

Actually, I'm "there" - visiting my family in California. On the plus side, it's sunny - I don't know about you, but sun totally affects my mood; on the negative side, everyone is tense and stressed about the economy and my grandparents, who are stubborn and slowly going nuts, and there's nothing we can do.

The highlight of each trip, though, is my little (age 13) bro, who is keeping me smiling. I shouldn't say little - he is almost 5' tall (I'm just 5'3") and on one of these trips he'll be looking down at me, grinning that he is finally bigger than I am.

Even though we're not genetically related, we are so alike that it's scary sometimes. Who also loves mochas as their favorite espresso drink? (Albeit he orders his with whipped cream, caramel sauce, AND caramel other words, a sugar extravaganza.) He has a wicked sense of humor...he likes to use inappropriate language (no, this is not my fault!)
I don't care what anyone says - blood isn't thicker than water. I have way more in common with him than my birth (read: bitch) mother, for instance.
I tend to reflect a lot when I'm away from home. It's funny - I realized that when I'm not working I am open to being a lot more social. I had lunch with a friend, coffee with another, and I'm having lunch with my friend T again tomorrow before I go home. I wish both of them lived closer. I admire D's guts and T makes me laugh.

Ta ta until I return to the wetlands (home) tomorrow night...hope you're all having a great weekend!


Green tea said...

You are right about blood not being thicker.
I have relatives that are not blood related I completely identify with.
I love California..would relocate in a New York minute if Hubba was willing..

Claire said...

Totally with you on blood vs. water!


Aliceson said...

Good family is sometimes hard to find.
Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I'd like to donate some of that blood.

pheromone girl said...

And hey, you have a big (totally-non-blood-related) sis that's looking forward to some chocolate - and seeing you on Monday!

Welcome home!

Scarlet said...

Your little bro sounds like a lot of fun and someone you can really bond with! He reminds me of one of my daughter's friends...with that wicked sense of humor at age 13.

Hope you had a good time with D & T!

Shionge said...

Yes...we all relax when we are on a holiday :) Glad you have some bonding time there RK :)

Happy weekend too..mine ending soon :)