Saturday, February 02, 2008

Meme: 10 things to be happy about today

Tonight was not a good night in many ways, so this (early) morning I am focusing on things positive...I am tagging Green Tea, Jessica, Viva, and Drew!

1. Mitt Romney is making himself look like a complete ass. (Why did it take so long?)

2. A 92-year-old who is legally blind scored a hole-in-one on a Clearwater, Florida golf course!

3. According to the latest stories, the New Kids on the Block *might not* be getting back together!

4. An Oregon judge finally let the new domestic partnership law come into action.

5. It did not snow today.

6. I found a lot of cute newborn clothes for cheap for a family we help at church.

7. My little brother is coming for Spring Break!

8. I made a new recipe without burning anything (including the apartment.)

9. I have coupons for two free iced mochas. Yum yum!

10. There is no shortage of cheese enchiladas.

1 comment:

vivavavoom said...

I did not notice the tag...thanks...I will get to it. I need a nice overpirced coffee beverage right about now too!!!