Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goodbye to all that

So, having lived in NYC when Giuliani was mayor, and having seen firsthand what an asshole he was - to poor people especially - I can barely contain my glee that he is virtually out of the GOP race.

Like Mitt Romney, he seemed to think that he could buy an election.

I thought it was unbelievable that anyone - especially conservatives - would support a guy who announced on live television that he was leaving his wife for his mistress in the first place. And this was how his family found out!

Here's a guy who has been waiving the bloody flag of 9/11, which was, let's face it, the saving grace of his career. Until that point, he had been reviled - and rightfully so - for forcing out the city's best police chief, William Bratton, because he couldn't face sharing the spotlight; for ramming through "work experience" programs that forced often-ailing seniors to work physically demanding jobs without, in many cases, access to restrooms (and for less than minimum wage, when you calculated the public assistance benefits they were getting); who told reporters that his mistress (and later wife), whose police protection city taxpayers covered, was a "friend,"; who had police harass gay couples in Hudson River Park; who had a couple of bars shut down for "operating without a cabaret license" when people had fun and got up and danced on tables; who tried to change the city's constitution to prevent a political rival from running for office.

Someone who was so power-hungry that he abandoned decades of pro-choice advocacy during this presidential campaign and said it would "be OK" if Roe V. Wade were overturned, and that he'd appoint Supreme Court Justices like arch-conservative Samuel Alito if he were president.

I could go on and on.

In the words of former NYC Councilman Steven DiBrienza, "If you work on Wall Street and live in Nassau County (Long Island), this administration has been good for you."

For disclosure purposes, it is not without a bit of pride that I can tell you I got the NYC community newspapers onto his media "enemies list" when I was a freelancer, due to investigative stories about the so-called "Work Experience Program" referenced above.

Go away, Rudy, and do us all a favor.


Foster Communications said...

Something about the guy has always creeped me out. He's just...smarmy.

Darth Weasel said...

saw an interesting piece where the question was asked, "why now" since the Giuliani strategy was to ignore the early primaries and just win the "big ones"...New York, Florida, etc. and now he is dropping before the New York primary. The reply conjectured that he did not want to be embarrassed by receiving negligible support in his home state.

I can only say...couldn't happent to a nicer guy. exactly, why would anybody vote for someone who is morally bankrupt even within his own family? "I can't act with integrity to protect and care for my immediate family...but I am an excellent choice to do so for the country at large."

Much like a strainer...it never did hold much water. Bye bye Giuliani. You won't be missed...except by Deomcrats who would prefer to run against you because we all know you have no chance.

Chella and Sarah said...

He closed down ALL the good clubs and bars when we lived there. I hate him. Even during the first few days after Sept. 11th I was able to grit my teeth at his posturing like Andy Garcia in Hero (the oft overlooked Dustin Hoffman film of 1992).

It's also his fault there are no more funny anagrams on the XXX movie theater marquees to walk past by 42nd Street. I swear those inspired magnetic poetry kits.

So yeah- What you said.

vivavavoom said...

right on.....I agree!!! I was in NYC during Dinkins and left around Guiliani's reign. I am just so glad I do not have to hear him use 911 again. don't forget to go vote in your caucus.