Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The headline of the day

Message, not gender, may be turning voters off Clinton

Well, no shit!

Here you have someone campaigning on her husband's coattails - they've posted signs outside of her rallies that read, "Miss Bill? Vote for Hill!"

You have someone who - like her husband, actually - started out idealistic and seemed to care about the poor and the middle class, but changed positions on a number of things because the winds blew a different direction and it was convenient.

Someone who has swung so far to the right that Newt Gingrich supports her, and Rupert Murdoch has had fundraisers for her.

And how about the positions she's flip-flopped on: the war, extending the Patriot Act, a law that makes it much, much harder for ordinary people (as opposed to big corporations) to file for bankruptcy.

How about her not showing for some of the Senate's most important votes - like bringing home the troops?

Yes, it is way, way past time that this country took down the barriers and gave women an equal shot at being president. Hey, if Turkey and Pakistan can do it, so can we.

Just not with this candidate.


leftcoastbob said...

I don't understand her touting "change" as one of her campaign slogans while also saying that she's better than Obama because of her "experience" and her knowledge of the ins and outs of beltway politics.

Her experience with big lobbyists and insider canoodling with beltway politicos are not traits that scream "change"; sounds more like "business as usual" to me.

Darth Weasel said...

I think an interesting sub-text to all of this is quite simple; many of us interested in knowing where the various candidates stand are swamped with vital, must know information such as "Hillary is a woman" and "Obama is black". Wow, really? thanks, my eye-sight was fading, I was trying to figure those things out. I have serious doubts the voters would care about either of those nuggets of information if that wasn't all we hear about.

and excellent point on the "experience/change" conundrum

vivavavoom said...

I am not as antiHillary as you are. I do think she is a tad too fundamental. She is definitely more moderate than the lefties but she is a very smart lady and I do believe I would take her over any GOP candidate anyday, any year! I still think Obama has a very good chance. A win in New Hampshire doesn't guarantee anything. But it does keep her in the race. I do think she has more experience than Obama and it is naive to say that just wanting change will bring it. In todays politics you do have to make nice with both sides but for me being a lifelong democrat still stand up for all the democratic ideals I hold so dear....equal rights, a women's right to choose, etc, etc. She is not a Lieberman but she is not a Dean. So it will be interesting where she fits and what unfolds over the next couple months. Personally I have flip flopped between her and Obama. I think Obama would make me happier if he won, but I do not hate Hillary enough to not vote for her if she was to get the nomination. (And since the DNC is being held in my city and I am going, I hope I get to see one of them speak live....preferably Obama).

Foster Communications said...

I'm not as anti Hillary as you either. Right now I think we have a few good options. I will celebrate election day no matter the victor because GWB will be gone! That alone is enough to celebrate.
But in my ideal world it would be Edwards winning these races. I think he could do right by this country. I'd like to see him get a chance.

Riot Kitty said...

Hey guys: Edwards is my favorite, too!