Saturday, February 09, 2008

Congress sucks

OK, you all know that...and I don't have a degree in economics.

But I know that sending $600 checks isn't going to fix an economy that has been ravaged by greed, and Congress making it profitable for companies to offshore jobs.

Despite these aggregious mistakes, they could have helped some people in the short-term who really needed it, but they didn't.

No unemployment extension, or more food stamps - both of which economists said are the two quickest ways to help the economy - and no heating help for poor people, in the stimulus bill.

But it does allow higher-interest loans that would - surprise! - benefit those who buy and sell real estate like the rest of us buy, say, groceries or porn. OK, just seeing if you were paying attention by adding the word "porn."

And, surprise surprise! Nancy Pelosi and the House want this passed before midterm elections:

"There is no reason for any more delay on this," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) warned in a public break with the Senate leadership. "I don't think any change in the bill is really worth the delay."

*I can think of a few reasons for delay - including some of the above so people have the ability to pay their fucking bills!*


Green tea said...

I am so with you on this one and sent a scathing e-mail to Pelosi.
That 600 dollars I get will go right into the bank.
How does that help the economy..?
I realize that right now Nancy and the Dem. Congress didn't have the votes to get through their
amendments passed.
But then why in hell couldn't they just go on TV and tell the American public until they get help for those that need it, they wouldn't agree to the plan.
I have to hope that, next fall with a huge Democratic turn out we get enough votes in Congress and the Senate to get something done, before we all have to use chop sticks to eat with.

Foster Communications said...

If I get $600 it will be used to pay bills, not on shoes and happy times. Maybe they just don't get it. If a rich person gets $600 it may be used for economy boosting mad money. For me? Not so much.

vivavavoom said...

I do not understand the idea that these rebate checks will stimulate the lagging economy that much. I mean if loans are hard to get, $600 or $1200 if you have kids, is not going to do much for the housing market. Bush did this too the first weeks he was in us all around $450. I do not understand how we can have enough money to give out these checks and not enough money for all of us to have better health insurance. I would gladly not get the check and get a cost efficient universal healthcare system going.

Riot Kitty said...

Good points all of them...I can't believe the media have a such short collective memory. It's like, hello! We tried this in 2001 and it didn't work!

Call me skeptical, but I don't *really* think these people want longterm ecomomic security for the country; but rather, a one-liner for campaign mailers. "So-and-so worked hard to pass the economic stimulus bill..."

I don't know anyone who's planning to blow it. Maybe I don't move in the right circles ;)

Darth Weasel said...

I just want to know how there is $600 per person just sitting around. That is a ton of money. One might think the tax structure is way out of whack. Spending structure, too.