Thursday, February 14, 2008

In other words

So disgusted with the Senate's vote to let our government spy on us at will, and protect phone companies who illegally handed over our private info. to the government.

Why did we vote in Democrats in 2006 anyhow? They ran on a platform of getting us out of Iraq and restoring civil liberties - what a fucking joke.

Then McCain - who has understandably made his anti-torture stance a centerpiece of his reputation - and other Republicans say it's OK for us to torture other people by voting against a bill that (thankfully) the Senate passed outlawing it.

Some friends and family members had more eloquent thoughts than mine on this topic, so I'll let their words be the centerpiece for this blog:

"My own belief is that the Congress as a whole cares less about rights under the constitution than about protecting business. Hence, the phone companies are immunized against wholesale illegal sharing of customer info with the perverted Justice department under Bush
's stooges. However, the most disturbing thing is the spying without any judicial review. Isn't it amazing to live in the most fearful country in the world??"

"In other words...bullshit."

"McCain - cross him off my list."

"We were furious as we watched the televised vote come in. I don't think the Ds the nation sends to D.C. possess either brains or balls. (Balls look good on women; I'm sure of it.) I'm so sick of all this..."

"Interesting, isn't it, that 3 Senators didn't vote (on the spying bill) - Graham, Clinton and Obama. The last two, apparently, were too busy campaigning to worry about piddly little bills like this."


leftcoast said...

I am furious with the Democrats. I hate the Dems much more than I hate the Republicans, even though I lean more toward the Democratic side (and not at all toward the Republican).

I think that the reason is that I feel so betrayed by them. It's like the Dems are your husband and the Republicans are some smarmy guy you know through work who talks about all the "hot chicks" he dates and tries to screw everything that walks. You roll your eyes and maybe mutter something like, "disgusting pig--I hope his dick falls off"--but hate? Nah. You save the really strong emotions for the husband who philanders.

Or a Democratic Congress that panders to business and basically lets the presidential administration get by with everything but waterboarding members of Green Peace.

I'd just as soon divorce the Dems and get it over with.

JLee said...

I'm wondering if there is a "none of the above" box on the ballot. ha
Seems anyone I feel is promising drops out...

Riot Kitty said...

Leftcoast: Why don't you have a blog?! Great stuff. Great points.

JLee: no Kidding! I liked Edwards the best.

Darth Weasel said...

I would disagree on one point...they don't care about the BUSINESSES, they care about getting re-elected. That is the only thing they care about. Before every vote I am positive they ask themselves (on both sides of the aisle), "Will this vote get me elected next time?" And that is what determines their vote.

I have long contended the worst vote a person can cast is the "lesser of 2 evil" option as if voting for a GOOD candidate is a wasted vote. No. The wasted vote is the one that goes for someone who does not represent you. I genuinely believe that you, for example, should STILL vote for Edwards. That would be a meaningful vote for you. Voting for someone who is inferior to your preferred candidate changes nothing but in fact helps keep the status quo intact wherein the two big boys know they can force everyone to vote for whoever the donkeys and elephants choose for them. Enough already. Let's vote for good candidates instead of bad ones who aren't as bad as the worse one they are facing. Those chowderheads will get all the votes they need.