Monday, February 04, 2008

In defense of a friend

I rarely write about extremely personal things on this blog, because 1) that's what a diary is for, and 2) somehow, some people that I didn't want to read this blog have gotten the address. Which sucks because it means I can't vent about them if I want to!

Anyway - without going into detail, a very good friend of mine has been taking a lot of heat from some self-serving jerks and it has created personal family problems for him.

In a nutshell, they said some not-so-nice things in front of children. He was there, and he had to move the children to another spot so they wouldn't keep hearing the garbage.

He blogged about it. They read it. They are demanding an apology, sending all kinds of rude and insulting e-mails, and calling him names. (Did I mention that they are in their 50s? Isn't that a little old to be acting this way?)

Mind you, he didn't insult them. He didn't distort anything. He didn't name them on the blog. He didn't send them a link to the fucking blog.

He merely wrote, in what is the equivalent of an online diary, about his frustration.

They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, so to speak, and now, by their rationale, it's his fault?

How arrogant can people get?

By any rational person's standards, they should be the ones apologizing for their initial and subsequent behavior.

So anyhow, that is my rant. I'd love to send them a nasty e-mail but they happen to be his in-laws and he and his wife have already had enough hell to pay because her parents are insisting on driving this wedge between them.

In defense of my friend, who I've known for almost four years now:

1. He is honest.
2. He is kind.
3. He is not the kind of person who seeks out arguments. He is more of a conflict-resolver.
4. He would give you the shirt off his back if he thought it would help.
5. He would never SHOW PORN TO SOMEONE HE HAD JUST MET, like his father-in-law did to him!

Can you see why I'm pissed off on his behalf?


vivavavoom said...

funny....I agree about the unfortunate nature of blogs. I also vented, found out those people read my blog, they wrote nasty things back to me and a fight began. ridiculous. especially when what i wrote, like your friend was the truth......and I guess it just hurt to see it. I have decided to leave that personal stuff to myself just because of what happened, but it pisses me off because it is my freakin blog and I am not about censuring in any way. like your friend, although he cannot see it now, it did get it out, and it helped me stop pretending that that stuff didn't bother me.

I hope for the kids sake it all works out. I know you can make blogs private, which i thought of, but then I didn't want the hassle and I would miss getting comments from people just passing through.

hope it all works out for him!

Foster Communications said...

Sure, I can see why you're frustrated. In the beginning I gave my blog address freely. Now, sometimes, I wish I hadn't.

I do think about why might be reading what I write. As a former journalist I'm used to having an audience, but it took a long time to get used to that. Writing is therapeutic and a release, but published words never die.

Green tea said...

Sounds to me that he would be better off if his in-laws never came around anymore.
A father in law that would show porn to someone he didn't know well isn't anyone I would want around my kids.

I first started my blog quietly to vent.
Then my son Techy Flash (centrisity link on my blog)
posted it on his blog, which is well read and busy, so I now have to eliminate any family frustrations I feel.
Sometimes, for therapy I would send my self an e-mail and then delete it, that is until I realized eventually someone could read my sent mail.
So back to banging my head against the wall.. :B
You sound like a good loyal friend Kitty...GiGi

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks gals!