Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy day

When I was in high school, my dad told me I should write it down in my journal anytime I had an awesome day.

I don't believe in the zodiac, but I read horoscopes for fun sometimes and yesterday's said I was in for some "good karma coming my way" and to stay humble...then today, I got a callback for a second interview. And a call about another interview. And an awesome deal on a credit card that will save me tons o' cash and allow me to tell Bank of America to fuck off. And my good friend Darthweasel is bringing his blog back! And I had coffee and had a great talk about religion, family, God, and the universe with a friend and had a fantastic time. And Obama won Wisconsin. And Pakistan threw out Musharraff, and Castro resigned...just how does a dictator "resign," anyway?

And I got to talk to my brother, and my dad, and got an e-mail from my little bro. And my ex-mother is taking responsibility for a debt that she owes my late great aunt, which is totally out of character. And my grandmother got back a cancer-free biopsy!!

And we got an extra couple of days of sunshine.


So there it is. Tomorrow I might get hit by a truck, but today is looking pretty good. And since everyone seemed to like the last flower pics, here are some more, from an unusually sunny week in London last April. The light wasn't quite right on a couple of them, but I wanted the color to come through, and it did.


Misty said...

Definitely a good day! Hope there are many more to come!

JLee said...

I'm going to call you "Little Miss Sunshine" instead of Riot Kitty. lol
I'm glad things are going good! :)

Foster Communications said...

I'm glad good things are coming your way! V. cool. :)
And you know, I think a positive attitude attracts good things into your life.

Riot Kitty said...

Oh trust me...I could be little ms. negative! I may have to rant about McCain and the Supreme Court in the next few days. But I agree with you, Jessica - it's like you have to give (pos.) to receive, as well.

Sunshine also helps!