Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am not making this up...really!

I carry a small notebook with me in my purse and sometimes scribble things that catch my fancy.

It's also a very convenient place for my little sister to draw me pictures when I see her, and for my little brother to write hilarious stuff that's far beyond his biological 12 years.

And I forgot all about something I saw on a bottle of Thai chili sauce in a dive cafe in Chinatown a couple of weeks ago.

You know when you're bored waiting for someone, or for your food, or just want something to read while you're munching? You know how you sometimes end up reading the entirety of the labels of soy, teriyaki, chili, and plum sauces?

According to the back of the label, the chili sauce was made by the Theppadungporn Coconut Co.


To prove that I didn't make this up, I found their company logo on the web (see above.) Speaking of which, what in God's name is he planning to do with that oar? Go row a boat? Slice the coconut in his hand? Or just give it a good thrashing?

So inquiring minds want to know: what kind of name, exactly, is Theppadungporn? Is the Theppadunporn family an esteemed member of the Thai chili sauce trade? Or could it be that the Theppadung company bought out the Porn Coconut company, and decided to combine names in the merger - sort of like when Fort Howard bought Saint James and they became Fort James? Why IS the word coconut included? Do they also sell produce on the side? Any ideas?

If you're bored at work tomorrow, here's an assignment - explain how you think the company chose its name.

Yes, I really do have an answer to this question - but let's get creative. We can all use a good laugh. The more, the merrier!


Mr. Riot Kitty said...

In times past, before the westernization of the southeast Asian region, there was an animal called the Theppa. The Theppa had a voracious appetite and was not particular about what it ate. It was also not particular about where it left it's used food.
A cleaning company was formed.

In the same area it was found that there was a market that catered to men and women who were visually stimulated.
A porn company was formed.

A coconut washed ashore one day and created an instant national sensation.
A publicity company was formed.

A young man happened upon the word merger and got excited. Even more excited than when he watched porn while sitting under his autographed coconut poster with his pet Theppa outside.

We shall never know what became of the young man.

Scarlet said...

Who doesn't enjoy sipping a nice piña colada while watching porn? LOL There's definitely a coconut connection there somewhere. ;)

I like Mr. RK's second to last sentence. Good job!

Darth Weasel said...

I think you missed the most important part. This is not average, everyday porn...this is DUNG porn. Now, the average, everyday porn watcher does not want you to know of his or her intereste in dung, thus must sublimate the true purpose with a coconut. Theppa is merely the word that escapes in moments of ecstasy during or after watching dung porn.

Glad I could help.

JLee said...

Man, this brings to mind some very, very bad imagery!! lol

vivavavoom said...

I think it is code for:

The PP and Dung Porn Company...theppadungporn. It is just a side company where they can hide all their money from their actual money maker...making water sports porn videos.

Pheromone Girl said...

It's simple, really. In the 1500s, China was full of poor people who were looking to make their mark. There were 4 families that decided marketing their spectacular sauces to neighbors would be a good idea.

The families were called Thep, Padu, Ng and Pron. However, somewhere in modern times, a proofreader blew it big time and thus the names merged into the current trademark.

Green tea said...

While Theppa was cleaning up the elephant dung with his paddle he came upon the coconut which reminded him of the beautiful "PORNita" he met in the village near by.
They married and started their own
Simple as that

Riot Kitty said...

I love all of these! Is the suspense killing you yet?

Theppadungporn is the last name of the owners of the company.

I am not kidding!

Can you imagine, as a kindergardener, having to learn to write your last name?

Coby said...

Ok its karaoke time! late 80's madonna: here goes theppadungporn I'm in trouble deep, theppadungporn I've been losing sleep, but I made up my mind...I am keeping my porno! oooh ahh! I'm gonna keep my porno oooooh! lol. Thats my take anyway!

Claire said...

I have no idea...but I'm loving reading the responses!