Friday, July 04, 2008

Fuck off and die! Oh did.

Let's face it, folks - Jesse Helms was a racist, homophobic, bigoted bastard who would have been happy if the South had won the war. In fact, he never changed his opposition to the civil rights movement.

Good riddance!

It is absolutely nauseating to see how Bush and Elizabeth Dole, among others, are now kissing his rotten dead ass - as if he was a decent human being.

The only realistic rememberances I've read about him are as follows:

"At the height of his power, he fought for the values of the old confederacy. He resisted the new South. He resisted the opportunity to fight for a more perfect union."

_ The Rev. Jesse Jackson.


"Jesse Helms' legacy is one of hatred, homophobia and racism. Although not its intent, that legacy has made our community stronger and more able to forcefully respond to bigotry and prejudice. As a community, we are more committed than ever to securing full equality for all GLBT people."

_ Joe Solmonese, president of the Washington-based Human Rights Campaign.

When you look at the numbers, the old guard (read: assholic pricks) like him are the generation that fought violently against integration, and are fighting now to keep GLBT people second-class citizens.

If we can't change their minds by appealing to them as human beings - because they clearly aren't - I can't wait until the rest of them are either outed or kick the bucket.

Mr. Riot Kitty says he probably jerked off to dreams of African American men.

What do you think?


vivavavoom said...

AFUCKINMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fitting he died on July 4th. Now he can wave his hillbilly, confederate art hating, mother fuckin ass flag in his version of heaven while the devil shoves a firecracker up his bum.

Now there is a July 4th visual for you.

Misty said...

LOL Vivavavoom's comment is making me speechless..too good to follow it with anything said well.

JLee said...

I wasn't even sure who he was and I work in TV! lol

Green tea said...

"OUCH" Viva!!!