Sunday, July 27, 2008

His name is Earl...Earl Grey!


When we went to the shelter to adopt Mr. Lucky a couple of months ago, Earl ran right up to us and rubbed against our legs like he was our new best friend. (Geez, how often can a sentence like that one come up?!)

We knew Vladi's time was limited, and resolved to adopt a buddy for Lucky when Vladi went to cat heaven. Friday, when that happened, we both felt really depressed and I seriously thought about not getting any more pets - but then, who can resist a cute, cuddly, furry Brit? ;)

When we went to the cat shelter Saturday, he jumped right up in my lap. That settled it!

I don't know why adult cats have a hard time getting adopted. To me, it's a no-brainer. They're already settled into their personalities, are house-trained, and extremely grateful to have a forever home. Sort of like getting married.

Although the name Earl conjures up images of someone around 68 who'd wear checked plaid shirts, drive a van, eat ham sandwiches with Wonder bread and hang out with my grandfather to talk about the Eisenhower years, I have to admit it's cute to have a cat named after tea.

And PS...he and Mr. Lucky were buddies at the shelter, so it's a Lucky and Earl reunion! (Get it? Or don't you listen to Paul Simon?)


Scarlet said...

Earl Grey...cute kitty! Just don't dress him in plaid. ;)

Quint said...
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Chella and Sarah said...

Hooray! We approve on two counts:
Sarah is addicted to Earl Grey tea, and I believe all cats should have surnames, as your previous cats could have attested to in 1996, when I helped them forge intercultural identities. It's quite fitting, actually, that Earl and Grey conjure up contrasting images. Messrs Klein and Gomez would have been proud.

Darth Weasel said...

Did not really right much about the passing of the FWF/Closet Uncle cause...well...sometimes there really isn't much to say. But you know I feel for you.

As for Earl Grey...if you get another one, please let it be Grey as well. Name it Poupon. Until then, I guess every time I see you I will simply have to ask, "Pardon you have a Grey Poupon?"

Anonymous said...

i hope earl and lucky will like each other and not try to destroy all humans because of their hatred of the shelter workers

Claire said...

What an absolute poppet!


Foster Communications said...

I'm sorry for your loss Riot Kitty! But I'm glad you found a new friend :)