Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chase air chickens with no wings...

To start - a note to God and/or the universe - wtf?! I have now lost THREE cats in a year, in addition to a close relative. Enough's enough!

Vladimir (aka the Fluffy White Fuck) never really bonded with any of us - but he was a purebred and it wasn't really his fault.

I am against breeding animals. My mother got Vladi for my brother when my brother was 9, so he had a good long life - but it was full of problems that come with being purebred. Like being stupid and going deaf.

We had to make a horrible decision that sent Vladi to cat heaven yesterday. He had been going downhill for a few years, then more sharply this year, and in the last 24 hours he wouldn't eat or drink, and was getting sick on himself. He had lost 20 percent of his body weight in a month, poor guy.

So while it wasn't as bad a loss as Sev or Rocco - that was like losing family members, and Vladi was more like a weird uncle who slept in the closet - it's still sad.

So rest in peace, FWF, and I hope you find some air chickens with no wings, as Nik says.


Blake said...


Claire said...

Aw, I'm sorry hon. It's never nice to lose a pet, even if they are a "weird uncle" sort of pet.


Chella and Sarah said...

Yeah, but he was the weird uncle who lived in your closet. Goodbye, Vladimir Gomez. I will miss you.

Ya fluffy white fuck.

leftcoastbob said...

I rather liked his personality--I'm sure that it will come as no shock that I kinda related to him.

Scarlet said...

This is the kind of pet I would've missed the most. I have a fondness for weird uncles.

Green tea said...

Ohh Kitty, it is so hard to lose a pet,
Our min. poodle "Black Andre" aka Andy
was 15 1/2 when he went to doggie heaven, of course (like all dirty work in this house) I was the one who had to deal with it, when the Hubba and kids disappeared just before the trip to the vet.
No more pets here after that.

vivavavoom said...

sorry to hear that. what a year!