Friday, September 25, 2009

No one in Edison, NJ is getting any.

Why else would they try two years in a row to ban a sex toy convention?

What is it with hyperconservatives going after devices that just happen to be marketing to females? Hmm? Alabama has been waging a court battle over this for over a decade.

But mind you - violence is OK.

I have never understood it, but this seems to be the prevailing attitude of some of the right-wingers in the U.S. Movies that show people getting cut up into little pieces? No problem! Two adults consensually enjoying themselves in bed? Gasp! We CAN'T stand for that!

When I was growing up, my parents were careful not to expose us to inappropriate movies, music, etc., but they were always most concerned that we not think violence was acceptable.

I'd love to see some of these right-wing idiots take a real stand against something - poverty; domestic violence; corporate greed. But no - it's easier to sound off about vibrators!

I suppose none of them have tried any of the products they're trying to ban, else they'd be changing their tune very quickly.

Put that in your pipe and fuck it, Edison, N.J.


Lynn said...

I'm with you on that, Riot Kitty. Too much energy expended on blocking this convention when there are so many more things they could be focusing on.

Fireblossom said...

I know!!! Every sort of depraved murder and bloodshed is on tv every hour of every day and that's dandy, but sex? Ohhhhh nooooooooo. And if two people of the same gender even kiss, well, the world is going to end.

Gotta have those guns, though.

Claire said...

Great post!


Anonymous said...

In my personal opinion, based on personal experiences; no good can come from sex toy conventions.

Sidhe said...

Well, they can't have "their" women using such devices, they might actually orgasm and you know once you figure out that your husband's not doing it right...all hell will break loose!

Granny Annie said...

Oh I love you my friend but boy do you sting when you lump all the bad in the world under "right wing". I can't ignore it one more time and must exclaim -- Fuck it!

By the way, did you hear Jay Leno telling about the Hotels that are renting sex toys to their guests? Can you imagine using previously used sex toys? GAWD!!!!!

kristin5683 said...

I used to live in Edison, and now I'm about 10 minutes away. In the Rutgers paper there have been full page ads for the expo. The ads feature scantily clad women and a leering Ron Jeremy. It seems to be aimed more at attracting men then showcasing what's available for women's pleasure.

Pouty Lips said...

Because they are KKKonservatives.

LL Cool Joe said...

First time ever I'm lost for words! :D

themom said...

I certainly hope there is never a ban on MY sex toys. The upside far outweighs any detriments. I don't have to argue with anyone, worry about someone else's "happiness" and no divorce!! All is well. And the right STAND UP for something...never happen. they prefer to bitch, whine and moan. Oh.......and lie!

Scarlet said...

Beautiful closing remarks, RK! ;)

Imagine banning vibrators. No more Slumber Parties! (Btw, that's a sex toy company that does home if you didn't know!) ;)

Btw, here are your CINCO palabras for the game:

Vibrator (J/K!)

Let me know if/when you post your words...not that I won't pop in anyway.

Riot Kitty said...

GA: When I say "right wing," I don't mean conservatives - I mean the people who are hyper-judgmental in the worst way.

Personally, I think most of the bad in the world can be chalked up to greed.

G said...

Honestly, I don't think the sex thing is strictly a problem on the conservative side (or right wing for that matter).

Hardcore violence has always been deemed acceptable by the movie quiz kids. I've yet to see a NC-17 rated movie due to hardcore violence, real or otherwise.

Sex on the other hand, well....remember the controversy with that puppet movie called "Team America", where they had two puppets making love, and they had the edit the scene in order to get an R rating.

JLee said...

So dumb. We had a lady arrested here for having those parties at people's homes!

Riot Kitty said...

WIGSF: Inquiring minds want to know!

pheromone girl said...

I love Granny Annies comment. Maybe I shuld have done marketing for the recycled sex toy company... hmmm?

OK, my word verification is "parties" - maybe I'm in the wrong industry?

Anonymous said...

I had a few thoughts to share.... until I read, "Put that in your pipe and fuck it."

I haven't a fucking clue what I was going to say after that. All I know is you need to make a t-shirt with that quote.

Riot Kitty said...

BTW, Scarlet, no, I didn't know about that company!