Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another first (and second)

I've never made a cake from scratch before - or frosting, for that matter.

My boss is turning 40 this week and, silly man, he's coming into work. So I have cooked up a little surprise party - he knows something's up but he doesn't know it includes his parents, sister and wife - and I thought I'd try making a cake.

Not wanting to fuck it up and having to run out and buy a crappy grocery store cake at the last minute, I thought I'd try the recipe this weekend first.

Mr. RK was only too happy to be my guinea pig for this culinary experiment.

Cake #1 came out a bit too thin and a bit too dry - we blamed the whole wheat white flour. An aside - What the fuck IS that, anyway? Is it just me? When last I checked, there was white flour and there was wheat flour. Can anyone explain this?

Anyhow - not wanting Mr. RK to eat an unsatisfactory cake, I remade it with regular flour and ended up with a moist (yes!) yellow cake that even had that springy cake bounce.

Next, I made the chocolate fudge frosting, which came out yummy on the first try.

I also bought some sugar letters. I'm debating what to spell out on the cake - please vote for your choice:

1. "Happy 39th Again."
2. "39 and Holding."
3. "Oh fuck! Another birthday!"

Just kidding about #3. I don't have enough letters :)


Anonymous said...

Why the in the hell did you buy whole wheat white flour in the first place? I mean the name sounds almost healthy!!!! I'd go with #3. (Or 10 more till AARP knocks on your door.)

Darth Weasel said...

you had cake near to the time we were hanging and I did not? better watch your feet, my tone-nail polish gnomes might visit and chip the paint off for you...

Passion Fruit said...

Mayebe you should spell, just in case, "safe to eat". Or "Almost 39"

Aliceson said...

Now you know why health food sometimes tastes like ass, and doesn't turn out right. When we were kids, my Mom would always make us use "no-salt" and instead of chocolate chips, we'd have carab chips. She wasn't fooling anyone. Blech!

Way to go on the cake, and it looks delicious. I could probably eat and entire bowl of that chocolate fudge frosting. Yumm! And Mr. RK gets to eat the whole thing? What a lucky man.

The Peach Tart said...

So nice of you to make a cake. While I like #3, since that's out in an office environment, I'd say #1.

Sidhe said...

I prefer #3, go get some more letters!

LL Cool Joe said...

I want some of that chocolate fudge topping.

"So I have cooked up a little surprise party - he knows something's up but he doesn't know it includes his parents, sister and wife"

Hope you invited his girlfriend too, then?

Lynn said...

I vote for #2. :)

I didn't get the baking gene - so not sure about why that flour didn't work.

Scarlet said...

Coming from you #3 would be just perfect! :)

"Happy 39th...again!" is good, too!

PS - Love the pic of the cake! Yummmm!

G. B. Miller said...

Sometimes, certain things just don't work whole wheat flour.

Still, I'm kind of jealous of Mr. RK being the guinea pig.

listen for azure said...

You should do the 3rd one. Can't you just abbreviate?!?!

Susan English Mason said...

I like the second one but I would put $39.95 plus tax.

Shionge said...

I kinda like No. 3..something unique and definitely straight from the heart :D