Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I heart flowers

Be forewarned: this will be a boring post for you if you 1) don't like photography, 2) don't care for flowers, or 3) are expecting something with the word "fuck." (There. I didn't disappoint you.)

I took a bunch of pictures with Mr. RK's camera at the beach yesterday. It actually has a setting for "flowers" - and a little flower icon pops up! And yet he wants a "better" camera. Yes, I am married to a gadget whore.

I sent them to some family members and my bro wrote back, asking if I had altered the pictures or colors in anyway. Mon dieu! Of course not. I do not use photoshop or any kind of picture altering software, 'cause that's cheating.

My cousin wrote back and noted that these gorgeous little babies are probably due to the 7+ months of rain we get each year. Her mom is into horticulture, so she should know.

I love taking pictures of anything with really vibrant color - which is why I end up taking a lot of pictures of flowers when I go on trips. It's like nature's architecture.
Believe it or not, it was overcast, but there was the perfect amount of UV light to make these colors really come out.

Do you like to take pictures? If so, what do you like to photograph?


pheromone girl said...

I'm fond of photographing headstones and cemetaries. Go figure...

kristin5683 said...

Love! the fuschia flower photo! Very nice!

Shionge said...

High Five!!!! I heart flowers too and they are gorgeous :D

I love to take candid shots really ;)

Anonymous said...

I kill flowers. o.O Rip them and smash them and occasionally eat them. But yeah, pretty awesome colors.

You should go on deviantart.com.

And I take photos of old buildings, mostly, you know, the stuff that looks like it's going to go down any second.

Btw, using photoshop isn't necessarily cheating. I mean, check this out. And this is the original model. You gotta admit, the altered one is amazing.

LL Cool Joe said...

I love photography but have no interest in flowers!

But, I'm sure you'd have no interest in my tacky bling.

Wouldn't the world be a dull place if we all liked the same things?

Darth Weasel said...

mostly a Blazer photographer, but dink around with Bella, the Goose and I, and our miniatures.

The Peach Tart said...

These are so beautiful.

vivavavoom said...

love taking pics. it makes me relax!! take pics of everything. and i know nothing about photography but have had my pics bought by getty images and been on schmaps for san fran and denver and if you look in wikipedia the profile pics of Robin Thicke, Alfre Woodard and Rednecks for Obama are all mine. Someone saw them on flickr and asked to use them. I just gave away my real name probably because they gave me credit but oh well. I think if I started to know too much about what i was doing with pictures and got technical it would take the joy out of it.

and if you want more weird news. a pic of mine from flickr was just bought by an ad agency and ended up on this www.ingoodhands.com. Look in the middle. that is my son jumping through the sprinkler in my back yard. he is now in good hands with Allstate..haha. (btw I did not get much $ at all) because his mom has a piece of shit camera and took his picture last year acting silly. Don't give it up. your flower shots are lovely!!

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!
RB: Are those yours?
Viva: That is wild!

Fireblossom said...

These are just stunning.

I like to take pictures of my dog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Every time I visit my mom in Maine during decent weather, we trek to a different lighthouse for me to capture new shots. I also take pictures of other random stuff. I'll post it eventually.

Anonymous said...

The stuff I linked? Of course not! I'm not that awesome...yet.

Scarlet said...

OMG, these are awesome! We don't get flowers this bright in Miami...I think they bleach out from the constant sunshine.

I like to photograph good times...laughter and silliness. Goofy pics are my favorite!!

Green tea said...

You should really mat
and frame these Kitty..