Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dr. Seuss day

Do you remember that Dr. Seuss book, "Oh the Thinks you can Think!" ?

One of the lines from it that I really laughed over as a kid was, "Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

Translate to my life and it would be, "Oh the things you can fuck up if only you try!" That would have been my subject line, but the last time I used the word "fuck" in a post one of my friends took me off of her blog roll so as not to offend some other friends. (Don't worry, I understand.)

So yesterday was a prime example of why my life is *really* a sitcom. I was so embarrassed afterwards that I e-mailed several friends about it (sorry for those of you who are re-reading it here), just to make them laugh, so I could get *some* good out of it. And also because I was so embarrassed I just had to tell someone!

In the morning, I had coffee with a new volunteer at my work to discuss some ways he could get more involved. We were meeting at a coffee shop that I hadn't been to before.

About a block away, I see out of the corner of my eye a guy who looks like him, sitting right by the front window. I wave enthusiastically and go in and this happy guy says, "Hi, I'm Steve!"

Which is not the name of my volunteer.

I felt like a complete idiot. Especially because he looked really disappointed when I said, "Um, it's not you."

My volunteer said, "Hey, you probably made his day!"

Why? Did he think he was going to get lucky? Don't answer that.

Then I get home and realize the maintenance guy has been in to fix the sink and all of my underwear is hanging out to dry.



ileana said...

Love that Dr. Seuss book...but your title is much more eye catching! lol

Looks like your life is getting more exciting by the minute, chica. Next time I call a plumber I'm hanging my undies out to dry. Thanks for the idea. ;)

Senorita said...

FUCK. There I said it to hopefully make up for the friend that got upset by the most awesome word.

LL Cool Joe said...

I don't think the maintenance guy would get very excited by my underwear hanging out to dry, unless he's gay of course. ;)

Oooh maybe I should try that then! :D

G said... left that last sentence out...

At least you were able to give the maintainence guy a not-being-there-kind of thrill to his otherwise dull day. :D

Lynn said...

That's a great story. :) And I'm sure you made the maintenance man's day, too.

Anonymous said...

At least your underwear was clean. Were they Grannie panties/ LOL imagine if you came home and looked down and there was a pair of undies with a fresh skid mark in them, now that would be mortifying!!!!

A Beer for the Shower said...

I once waved at the wrong person. Turns out the person I was thinking of had a twin brother... who had no idea why some dude was waving at him.

Riot Kitty said...

Ily: You mean "embarrassing" right? Let me know how it works out w/the plumber!
S: Excellent!
Joey: You try it, Ily will try it...and then we can all compare notes.
G: Hmm, I didn't think of it that way. Kind of a like a public service?
The last sentence should have said, "Fuck!"
L: Sad but true!
ABFTS: Maybe he just thought you were really friendly?

Darth Weasel said...

Ah, the joys of mistaken identities. I once greeted my Uncles' wife whom I had not seen for a couple the name of his hated ex-wife. In front of him, her, and about half the extended family.

I am still blushing

Boonie S said...

Cool story. By the way, what’s underwear?

All the best, Boonie

Riot Kitty said...

Darth: You win.
B: Ha!

HiFi said...

This is good for karma. I know I wake up with a smile on my face when I dream of similar circumstances. :D

Claire said...

Heh. Poor Steve. He must of thought it was his lucky day!


Ally said...

oh dude, that's so something that would happen to me - the undies part. ugh.

your blog roll story kinda reminds me of how i lost a friend via fb. a real person i actually hung out with. kidding with her, i joked for her to keep it clean on my fb page. she unfriended me saying she doesn't need that shit. we're totally no longer friends now :( sux. apology not accepted. just cut.

Riot Kitty said...

HF: Hahaha! If it improves karma, all cannot be lost.
C: Poor Steve indeed! At first, I texted a friend this story and she thought the maintenance guy was Steve, which made it that much funnier.
A: That person sounds like a twit. My story was much happier - it was a friend trying not to offend other friends, which I understood. Not everyone likes to see or hear the word "fuck." Probably the same type of person who needs more fucking!

John McElveen said...

Plumbers crack! Underwear--they can't get enough of it!


ileana said...

We need some work done on the pool...maybe I'll try hanging the undies on the deck when the cabana boy arrives. ;)

Love Joey's comment...the last part. :)

Holland said...

Years ago I opened the curtains in the morning in my bedroom and looked straight into the smiling face of the window cleaner. I slept naked and I guess I made his day.

Riot Kitty said...

J: So, I was in fact performing a community service? :)
I: Haha!
H: I am sure you did! He was smiling, after all...

Anil P said...

Haha, the coincidences that actually weren't coincident.

Green Tea said...

I did need that laugh :)