Friday, December 17, 2010

Now I've seen everything

In times of intense stress - such as having a family member die and then having most of your extended family act like selfish assholes - I tend to burn a lot of calories.

I usually eat very healthy with a few treats thrown in. Needless to say, since my grandmother died, there have been more treats. I am still thinner than I was a month ago.

Anyhow - cats are carnivores, I am told, but I went on a junk food binge last week and Earl Grey started aggressively sniffing the curly fries. Think Snoopy sniffing in Lucy's rootbeer. I said aloud, "You can't possibly want one of those!"

He stared at me, hard.

I tore a fry into little pieces and he ate them!

Later on, Lucky (see picture above in the lolcat created by yours truly) actually went and dug the cold fries out of the bag and licked them. Yuck.

With my luck, I'll think of this picture during the most serious moment of my grandmother's funeral tomorrow and get stuck in the giggle loop.

I suppose worse things could happen.


Gledwood said...

Best of luck at your Gran's funeral. I never went to any funeral in adulthood. When it was a friend I just could not handle going. When it was my Gran it was a long long way away and I was sick (really, not an excuse). I hate funerals! I'm sure you're not too keen on them either. So from a complete stranger here's wishing you all the best.
(I came across your blog by hopping from a friend of a friend's sideways...)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Grams. =[
I've never actually been to a funeral before either - the older generation of my family were all dead before I could talk, so I was spared. Morbid way to put it, but there you go. I've been to the thingy after the funeral though - the reception, I think. I stayed for five minutes and bailed. It was, literally, the most awkward situation I've ever been in.

As for cats eating fries - I think cats are the stand-up comedians of the animal kingdom; that or they are just wired wrong. Still awesome though.

To quote the random Earthling above me, "So from a complete stranger here's wishing you all the best".

LL Cool Joe said...

It always amazed me what our cats would eat.

I hope the funereal goes okay, they are never easy. Remember it's ok to cry.

G said...

Again, good luck at the funeral, and remember, its all about your grandmother, so don't let anyone else dump on you in the process.

I'm not a big fan of funerals to begin with, but I will show up to pay my respects from time to time just to play nice with certain members of my family (extended or otherwise).

Probably the last time I went for the reception was for my dad back in '04 but other than that, I don't do receptions, mostly because I don't get togethers with people I don't know and don't care to know.

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!

Gledwood, thanks for stopping by! I'll check out your blog when we get back in town.

Darth Weasel said...

Hope you had a safe trip and were rewarded with wonderful memories of one you loved

Darth Weasel said...

Hope you had a safe trip and were rewarded with wonderful memories of one you loved

Lynn said...

Safe journey and I hope it all goes well.

My cat Cleo loved fries. :)

Lulú said...

Aw, your lolcats are awesome, Chica! :D

Lucky is hilarious!

BIG hugs to you, Chica. xo

Aliceson said...

Awesome lolcat! We once had a cat who LOVED potato chips, so cold curly fries don't surprise me much. :)

Good luck tomorrow and share a few extra hugs with the family members who aren't being A-holes. Something I keep repeating to myself lately are some words my dad said to me a long time ago and never forgot... "You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family." Good luck! I'll be thinking of you. :)

Boonie S said...

Worse things could happen, but let's not go there.
When I lived in the UK there was a neighbour's cat who used to enjoy sharing our Oat Krunchies (a very crispy cereal) with us, no milk. The noise and sight of this cat crunching through them was most entertaining.

Take care, Boonie

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks! It went well...and I am happy to be back home.

Senorita said...

It's bad enough when you lose a loved one. Add assclownery to the mix, and you have a recipe for anxiety overload.

Please take care, and your cat is all sorts of awesome btw !