Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter sucks

*I took this down because it was starting automatically every time I visited the page - so check out the link below to watch the Cowbell skit:

At the end of this month, I will have lived here in the Pacific Northwest for nine years. That is the longest time I have ever lived in one area.

And it's days like to day that make me question - what the fuck was I *thinking*? Because it's gray, dark, blah. If only it were raining, it would be worse.

I have seasonal affective disorder (appropriate acronym = SAD) and yet I live in a place that's gray 9 months of the year.

The weather is probably not nice in a lot of other places, either (especially for my friends in the UK and Scandinavia), so I'm guessing the rest of you could use a laugh, too.

Watch this SNL clip in its entirety.

If you have a straight face - hell, if you haven't almost peed your pants laughing - I'll eat my hat. Well, I have no hat, so I'll eat chocolate. That way it's a win-win.


Lil Red said...

I can't access the video, but I think I've seen it if it has to do with cowbells and SNL. I don't care much for Walken movies, but he's a riot on the cowbell skit!

I obviously cannot relate to how you feel because (don't shoot me for this!) but in my town when it's not sunny it's partly sunny. The worst part is the humidity, but from now til March it's beautiful...FYI, in case you, PG and your twin want to go on a road trip south.

Shionge said...

Can't see it too RK but I'll get to that when I get my access from home.

Like Lil Red, I lived in a place that is sunny all year round so I cannot relate as much but having said that, hubby is heading to Scandinavia for a month so he's gearing up the winter wear & stuff to keep him warm. Was told that people get depression easily due to the weather so I hope by the time he gets back by end of the year, he's still sane hehehehhe..

I'm sending some sunny hearty cheers RK :D

LL Cool Joe said...

I can't see the video either, but I'm kind of used to the weather here now. At least we don't get much snow.

I just dread this time of the year for other reasons.

Darth Weasel said...

I think life would be better all around if we had more cowbell.

Stay in there, RK, only 11 more months of this weather and then summer will be here again.

B said...

How random - for once I CAN see the video :) I love this one, and yes, shit is bleak up here. Thanks for the nod RK :D

Passion Fruit said...

I, too, was able to see the video. And it was hilarious! 'Tho I must say that one of my favorite SNL music skits is definitely Dick In A Box featuring Justin Timberlake.

About weather. Winter has come early this year - we've had snow for a week or two now.

Aliceson said...

More Cowbell! That was great! Sadly, I usually fall asleep before SNL comes on. I still haven't seen the Justin Timberlake skit yet that everyone talks about.

Lynn said...

I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair and love the guy in the back who cracked up so much and was trying to hide it. :)

Granny Annie said...

Everything Christopher Walken touches is GOLD! I had not seen this and guarantee you I laughed. He is always good on SNL and I can't think of a movie of his I haven't liked. Yep, we're looking for Winter tomorrow with snow and everything. At least we had a good trip west to soak up lots of sun before returning home to hide inside. "It doesn't work for me -- I gotta have more cowbell!"

G said...

Christopher Walken does comedy like no other.

That being said, I'm used to the funky winters here in New England. I don't get the blues as much in the winter as I do during the fall.

I find autumn much more depressing than I do winter. With winter, if I get those blues, all I think of is the very last Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, where everything is fresh, clean, exciting and new.

Tom Bailey said...

I always wonder what the people are like that have to look like they are from a different era when I see videos like this. You have a very interesting blog.

Riot Kitty said...

Hello everyone! Tom, thanks for stopping by!