Friday, November 27, 2009

Stuff I made today

For the past couple of years, Mr. RK and I have been making holiday presents for the friends and family members over 18 (the kids still get goodies from the stores), including ornaments that I paint and woodworking projects that he does.

We use the money we would have spent on presents for the adults in our lives (that sounds dirty, but I didn't mean it that way) to donate in their honor to nonprofit groups.

I put the finishing touches on these and several other ornaments today.

I also made pasta that actually tasted like pasta! This was the second try - the first one was an unmitigated bloody disaster. Why? Because the recipes all said to use "all-purpose flour." I'm sure it's fine for a number of other purposes - like throwing at others, for instance - but NOT for pasta.

If you make it at home, use only semolina for this baby:

I have to say, it was yummy, but holy cow! I had no idea how much upper body work some cooking can be. Yes, that might sound naive, but keep in mind that I didn't even have a set of pots and pans until I got married.

I actually made and rolled out this pasta dough, then rolled it over a pasta cutter. Between that and Thanksgiving, I'm hoping I get used to it - or else I'll keep gulping the ibuprofen.

Now I am off to eat dessert that I did *not* make!

PS The ornament pictures are also courtesy of Mr. RK. They were very difficult to get (I totally failed to get any good ones.)


LL Cool Joe said...

Can I just say, your balls are beautiful. ;)

Lil Red said...

Yes, I agree with Joey...nice balls you got there! :)

The pasta looks great, too. Holland and I were talking about taking a pasta making class on the beach. Her Italian guy says there's nothing like homemade pasta...and I have to agree!

Aliceson said...

Handmade gifts are the best anyway. This year I'm giving out jars of peaches and boxes of cookies. Sure beats shopping!

Wow, your pasta looks great! I'll have to remember the semolina tip if I ever get ambitious enough to try making my own.

LL Cool Joe said...

(ps have you noticed that each of our avatars has red on it? I hope no one comments now and spoils this! :D)

Lynn said...

Gorgeous craft work and I love the idea behind the gift giving. The pasta looks so good.

Darth Weasel said...

far as I am concerned, peeps should just drop the whole gift side and use the day(s) to spend time with people they do not spend enough time with.

With that said, we still lvoe both the ornaments you made for us and the bowl and box we got from mr rk. very cool stuff

Shionge said... what Cool Joe mentioned, what a beautiful pair of Balls (no punk intended heheheeh). On a serious note, what a worthy and memorable cause RK, love this idea.

Great job on that pasta too....I hope I'll get a go at it sometime. Happy Thanksgiving once again.