Monday, November 23, 2009

If ever there was a reason to swear

Someone recently described a web site that my friend B had sent us both as juvenile and as having "poverty of expression" because it had "the f word," as she called it.

(Well, it does have a lot of fuck words in it: See for yourself.

Anyway - I wrote her back in the e-mail I had been included in that she must think my friend B and I both had poverty of expression and were juvenile as well (although we felt that she had poverty of humor, frankly), because we both use the word "fuck" a lot. "Either that," I wrote, "or you are a snob."

I had planned to blog about how versatile that word was but something happened today that changed the course of our afternoon at work, and I challenge anyone to think we should not have used the word "fuck" after reading this.

My office is in charge of training teachers and support group leaders for the free classes and groups that we offer all over the state. It is both labor-intensive (read: we have a staff of two) and costly to put on these trainings, which can have as few as half a dozen or as many as 20 people.

We pay for all of it - our state chapters just have to send us the candidates who are willing to donate their time to do these programs. All of our programs are free, by the way, and delivered mainly by volunteers.

Nevertheless - or maybe because of the fact that it's free - people still fuck things up. They cancel at the last minute (after we have booked hotel rooms and catered lunches for them), for reasons including - I am not making this up - the fact that their workplace has been infested with swine flu, and although they personally didn't get it, well, things were busy. Right.

But today I found out about something I just couldn't believe.

A couple of weeks ago one of the people who had signed up to take a training called up and bitched at me about the fact that we were starting in the late morning. Mind you, we did that so people that were coming from an hour and a half away, like she was, wouldn't have to get up at the crack of dawn.

Not good enough. "You'll have me going through morning traffic!" she complained.

Um, lady. Try my commute every morning.

Anyhow, we did not have money - nor did we think it was reasonable - to put her up in a hotel the night before. Mind you, we paid for two nights in a hotel, all of the meals, etc., for everybody. And the training. All she had to do was show up.

But no!

Guess what the bitch does? She somehow manages to put another night at the hotel - to the tune of $120 - on our corporate card. Even though the room was reserved for her, this never should have happened because 1) her name wasn't on the card, and 2) it's THEFT.

After a long and painful phone conversation, my boss managed to get the charge removed.

After which we both said, "FUCK!!!"

I mean, who is mean enough to steal from a nonprofit, and dumb enough to think she is going to get away with it?

C U Next Tuesday.


Darth Weasel said...

I think a lot of people think of non-profits the same way others think of big corporations...bottomless pits of money for whom a hundred bucks here or there are no big deal and therefore the thiefs are somehow entitled to take what they want since the non-profits have so much money and "probably get everything free anyway".

Have great Thanksgiving my friend

Shionge said...

I say go on and say the Fuck work RK, I think some people just like to take advantage and thought we all owe them a living g;(

Hope you'll feeling better and yes, Happy Thanksgiving :D

Aliceson said...

Who in the hell does she think she is? Just because she doesn't want to drive through morning traffic, she should be entitled to another night in a hotel at your org's expense? She's dreaming!

Granny Annie said...

If I had been with the hotel I would have said "F U -- go collect the money from the guest who abused the card and not from us!"

Lynn said...

People never cease to amaze me. A thoroughly appropriate use of the F word! I know - I can't bring myself to type it. :)

Riot Kitty said...

DW: I hate thieves. And thiefs ;)
S: I think I will say "Fuck work!" tomorrow.
Aliceson: I'd really like to know that, too!
GA: They weren't supposed to let her use the card. It is our card, they breached their own security policy.
Lynn: Type after me.. f...u... :)

G said...


Some people have an incredible set of brass balls.

You know of course, that this is perfectly acceptable behavior (and have personally seen the end result of said criminal behavior) in state government.

Fireblossom said...

Gosh. Golly. Whillikers, even. What a cow.

"C U next Tuesday"? No Twin for a WEEK? Fuckkkkkkkk!

Lil Red said...

This woman makes my Family Law clients look polished.

PS - You'll be gone for a whole week? Happy Thanksgiving and have a great weekend!!

Riot Kitty said...

G: Seriuosly?!
FB and LR: That was an attempt to say she was a c-u-n...
Never heard that expression? "She was a c u next Tuesday!"

Shionge said...

Have a 'Fucking' good Thanksgiving RK (I mean it sincerely in a good way ;) )

Hugs!!!!! Big BIg HUGS!!!

Green tea said...

OMG..I love that e-mailing that to some of my Republican friends...:)

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh I'm so sweet and innocent I never got the C U Next Tuesday. I thought you were going on holiday for a week! :D

Lil Red said...

You got me...I should've known better! :)

"If You See Kay"...that's another one, right??

G said...


The stories I could tell you would make your blood pressure go up 100 points.

This is only one of many, many reasons why I hate labor unions.

Always remember that most of those who work in any branch of the government, be it local, state or federal, simply do not live in the real world. Stuff that would get them tossed into jail in the private sector, will not in the public sector.