Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Joey initiated this...and I'm following :)

Here are ten things that made me laugh today:

1. We went to the Tillamook Creamery and took these ridiculous pictures...

2. Pheromone Girl got me a great book of postcards called "Grandma's Dead" that has sadistic expressions coupled with baby animals:
Does this prompt anyone to take up the piggy literary challenge? Hmm? The good news is that Fireblossom will write the second chapter of this gripping saga.

3. Speaking of that darling girl, she sent me the first card that I've ever received that came with a disclaimer: "Please note that this ecard has been sent from a website that caters to gay women. If you feel you've been sent this by mistake or as a prank- view it at your own discretion. This website, the owners and its company are NOT responsible or liable for any of its content, written or otherwise."

4. We went out to lunch and it was $33, and I am 33 today. Yes, the universe is laughing at me...

5. My friend J sent me an e-mail: "Happy birthday! I wish I could jump out of a cake for you." Good thing, because I can't jump in ;)

6. Making my little brother giggle on the phone. He is 13 going on 40, but he still giggles like a little kid if you are funny enough.

7. Earl Grey, one of our kitties, jumped up and gave me a bunch of ass-kissing purrs, until Mr. RK offered him treats. Then he ran away and gave Mr. RK the same ass-kissing purrs. True loyalty to be sure.
8. In the gift shop at the creamery, in the midst of screaming brats and a mother who let them run around in the midst of breakable things, Mr. RK says really loudly, "I'm going to create a new bumper sticker that says, "Breeders Ruin Everything!"

9. Mr. RK got me a birthday card from the kitties that said, "We will share tuna...but just for today."

I can't come up with anything for #10, but surely 9 is enough to hold you all for now...


pheromone girl said...


I'm glad you went to Tillamook. Where are the pictures of you on a tractor? Kissing a llama? Hmmm? Did you feed the peahens? Well?

I hope it was a glorious day!!

Claire said...

I have a couple of friends who would LOVE a "Breeders Ruin Everything" bumper sticker! Glad your birthday was suitably entertaining! :-)


Fireblossom said...

Happy Birthday, Twin!!!!!! (this comment has been written by a person said to be a gay woman. If you feel you have been...oh never mind!)

Hooray for PG, giving some ink to the peahens. They need some props! Those strutting peacocks get all the attention, usually!

Aliceson said...

Happy Birthday RK! I love #6. My brother is 26 with a deep voice but giggles like a girl, it always makes me laugh.

LL Cool Joe said...

Happy Birthday!!

So how come you didn't stick your head through the hole. Were you scared someone may call you a silly cow? :D

So you are 33, blimey you need to start planning your first set of botox injections then! :D

Green tea said...

Happy Birthday from one Leo to another.

I was very frustrated being with out my computer for several days and unable to check my blogs etc.

What a terrible addiction :D

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks everybody! G: I am a Virgo though ;)

G said...

Happy Birthday! (seems to be a rash of them around the blog world lately)

And thank you for the rare gift of showing what you actually look like.

Riot Kitty said...

Joey: I figure I've got another 4 years before the botox LOL! I didn't stick my head through because I didn't want to get stuck...and apparently a lot of people did, because the sign said "Please do not stick your through the cut out." Of course it said nothing about not sticking my head into a vat of ice cream.

G: I'm actually the one sitting on the kitty rug ;)

skyewriter said...

Happy belated! I am so behind on blogs and blog friends...


Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) birthday! :) If you like, I could photoshop your heads in the right places? Or...heck...I could stick your heads on any old thing. Ernie and Bert? Statler and Waldorf?

Oh yeah - is it wrong that it occured to me that you were conceived on Thanksgiving?


Darth Weasel said...


I am so sorry I forgot your birthday! Hoping it brought you everything (other than safety from large families) you sought. Did you do the 33 flavors tour?

Will try to get a hold of you most soon!