Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The piggie literary challenge, chapter 2

Thank you, Fireblossom! Now mind you, normally I'd ask you all to post on your own blogs so we can get as many people pulled into the piggie literary challenge as possible, but I suspect that once again, her blog is much too elegant for this.

How great is this?! Now PLEASE, pretty please, someone pick up with chapter 3...

Chapter 2

Monique, the red hot and risque raccoon
Made a bee line for Fred when she walked in the room
She said, "don't be a bumble-headed country dork!
What this place needs is some good pulled pork!
Some Cajun blues and some zydeco, too
Will bring them from near and far, to you.
Some fritters and frankfurters and pommes des terre,
And especially some barbequed Pierre!"
Fred stared.
His jaw hit the bar.
The hens were scared.
The foxes ran far.
"Boy, what a dump!"
Said Monique the raccoon.
She mascara-ed her mask
And walked out of the room.
Monique went to Hollywood
And became a star
With heavy eye make up
She's a big raccoon star,
The foxes came back
And the hens in a bunch...
And our hero Pierre
Was not served for lunch.
But then....
Something made a big thump on the roof....


Fireblossom said...

Omg, i LOVE that picture!!! :-D

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Scarlet said...

Cute! Btw, it would take me days (possibly weeks) to come up with Chapter 3.