Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top Ten Thursday

Joey started the idea of a Top Ten Tuesday blog, so let's think of this as Top Ten Tuesday Plus Two. And it's going to be about - you guessed it! - the top ten things that have irritated me this week.

Sorry, I've got to vent somewhere.

1. Raging PMS. I didn't sign up for this when I was born! WTF?

2. The volunteer in some remote part of the state who kept me on the phone because she couldn't believe my office no longer had a banner that we had lent her three years ago.
Me: "If you go to your local printer-"
Her: "But really, I have a picture of it, it looked very nice."
Me: "I'm sure it did. And if you want to get another one-"
Her: "You really don't have it?"

3. This brings me to what pisses me off EVERY Tuesday, Thursday, and every other day of my life: WHY DO people ask you something twelve different ways when they already know the answer? I can picture it now: "Oh yes! The banner! Well, it turns out we actually DO still have it, because you asked me for the seventh time! Cheers!"

4. Which brings me to another one of my pet peeves: people who suck up my time with insignificant bullshit. Why are the meaningless conversations always the longest ones?

5. Which reminds me of the next one: the phone. I HATE YOU!!! You wait until my boss is gone for two weeks and all of the volunteers have gone home, and then you ring, ring, ring, and ring again. And then when I have volunteers in to answer you, you're silent. How's them pickins?

6. Kaiser (sorry, Phil.) You reschedule my doctor's appointment AGAIN, after you already rescheduled once and I waited an entire month, and now you can't find a female doctor for me unless I wait another month, and the only reason I need the appointment is to refill the damn prescription, of which no refills remain, so I can't wait another month, you fuckheads.

7. The weather. Why do you get hot when I am already cranky? Can't you see it makes me even crankier, and more in need of the justification for more DQ?

8. DQ: Why do you have to be so close and so tempting? (OK, it's only my total lack of willpower that pisses me off.)

9. Tom Ridge. Why does it take a book deal for you to have a moral reckoning? You and all of the other ex-Bushies who didn't have the moral courage or guts to speak out at the time of the scare tactics and other illegal shenanigans that went on in that clownhouse.

10. The people who are questioning the gender of superb female athlete Caster Semenya, of South Africa, because she is kicking ass. Oh wait - she's doing so well that she must not really be a girl! Go soak your heads, you sexist motherfuckers. By the way, Joey sparked a great conversation about this.

Ta ta for now! I'm going to go eat my Peanut Buster Parfait.


Aliceson said...

And doesn't it feel better now that you have it all out there?

BTW, PB parfaits are my favorite DQ treat! ;)

momcat said...

It doesn't help that Caster looks SO much like a boy! Saw her last night in a closeup on tv and even my sons had to agree that 'she' doesn't look like a girl.

G said...

A bit irritable today?

The only one I'll talk about is Tom Ridge.

I don't think he's having a moral epiphany. I believe he's saying it in order to sell books.

Phil said...

I love a good rant and I'm sure it would be fun to hear you read this list aloud. Maybe you should always blog when you have PMS. And by the way, PMS does not stand for Persecute Men Syndrome. BTW, did the "Sorry Phil" in number 6 refer to me? I don't understand if it did.

LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha great Top Ten and I'm glad I inspired you to have a rant! :D

I see you had no problem finding 10 things??

Thanks for the mention too. The comments I've received on that post have blown me away actually! I'm gobsmacked by the responses I've received.

Riot Kitty said...

Phil - yes! Remember the rant about Kaiser and you said, "Hey, give them a break!" ?

Riot Kitty said...

And a postscript: no men were persecuted! Mr. RK was the one who went out and got DQ ;)

Scarlet said...

PMS and Peanut Buster Parfait!! We're on the same page!

I need to find a DQ...quick!

skyewriter said...

Sorry, you almost lost me after the picture of cold, sweet treats because it is, like, a zillion degrees here, too...

Favorite fill-ins for PMS:
Pass My Sweatpants
People Make Me Sick
Provide Me with Sweets

Literally, I would die without chocolate. It is as essential as oxygen and water.

JLee said...

You are making me want to go to Sonic for a malt. Do you have those up there?

Riot Kitty said...

Skyewriter! I love it!

JLee: I WISH we had Sonic!

Anonymous said...

mmmm enjoy that ice cream. Cranky in hot weather is a definite yes. We had no heat waves all summer long and suddenly at the end of summer we are getting it. THAT makes me cranky..because I am sure September and October will be hot now that summer is "officially" on its way out..

pheromone girl said...

Darling, there is a Sonic not 10 blocks from my new office. Maybe that birthday treat on Monday should be to deepest darkest Norm Thompsonland and I can introduce you to new cravings... and my cube. I think I should write a book "Rachel in cubeland" all about how often we go for coffee to Peets...

Riot Kitty said...

Sonic! This is going to be dangerous...

themom said...

#6 is one sorry issue that you share with many. Thedaughter nneded her birth control refilled, and she informed the "desk lady" that it would run out in a week. She was told they would call her back. After the third day of waiting - she tried to reconnect with the office. Different lady took all info again and said they would get back to her. By now her Rx had expired. I made the next call - and I admit, I wasn't the most pleasant individual. I laid it out quite simply - "they have no concept of how to run an efficient office." I may have slipped the "f" word in their also. I was told to come right over and pick up the Rx.

As for DQ - I should sue them for defeating any diet plans I may have had!!!

Darth Weasel said...

RK, you have a Sonic pretty close to you. Take the Cornelius Pass exit, turn left, and it is the corner of Cornell and Cornelius Pass.

Whoops, just saw PG beat me to it, never mind.

And #3 is my favorite as well. Like the customers who I used to have to deal with who would ask if we had something, I would clarify what it was in my read-back to them, tell them who had it and we didn't...only o have them explain to me what it looked like...what it did...where they had used it in the past...

really, the only conclusion is that people may not be morons...but it is hard to prove, because the non-moronic parts of their intellect are so well hidden.

Fireblossom said...

I thought I commented on this, but I guess snot!

DQ is a good thing. We have one here, I think it is a sign that Goddess favors us! :-D