Thursday, February 26, 2009

Loving the letter F

Scarlet assigned this to me...publicly...before I even signed up!

This meme - post a comment if you want to play - involves 1) you receiving a letter of the English alphabet, and 2) posting 10 things that you love that start with that letter.

So here goes...

1. Fundraising. I did it as a volunteer for lots of years (still do), but now I get to do it for a living, for a great cause.

2. Fudge. Yum, yum, yum!

3. Funny things. I love to laugh - life is too short not to.

4. Foreign movies.

5. Forks. The alternative is so much messier.

6. Father. I love daddy!

7. M. Frederick Davis. OK, this is cheating, but so what. I love my friend Mike D and his middle name begins with F!

8. Fall. It's my favorite season - at least before the rain begins. Then it sucks, but oh well!

9. Foreign languages. I love languages. I do get Spanish and Italian confused sometimes, though, which is irritating.

10. You knew this was coming...I love saying the word "fuck!" It's so versatile - verb, adverb, adjective, noun, etc. But you might not know that it has quite the literary history.
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Scarlet said...

We have a lot of good things in common and you did an amazing job with your list...and the pics that go with it.

The classical music cranking in the background of that link...

Classic. :)

Btw, Amélie is the kind of film that puts you in a great mood. Audrey Tautou is awesome in it, and I don't know why I don't own it. It would make a nice gift. (Tell my friends!)

I'm also fond of my father, foreign languages, the fall season and fudge. In that order. Normally, I don't like sweets but I'll indulge on fudge and fudge brownies...especially when I'm watching a foreign movie.

Darth Weasel said...

My letter would be "S" but I really have just will have to guess what it is. I will say this: I know I am cooler than Bryan Adams because, while he did indeed touch thousands of people who identified with his song Cuts Like a Knife , I have inspired millions with my vastly superior epic, written with the fans of Kentucky Fried Chicken in mind, Cuts Like a Spork

yeah, I worked in a spork joke with no relevancy whatsoever. Then again, is there ever a bad time for a spork joke?

Shionge said...

Fantastic, Funny & Fabulous RK :D

I love the F word too hehehehe...

Have a great weekend pal :D

LL Cool Joe said...

Good list. I've been trying to think of what I would have for the letter F and came up with fart, fag and fuck. I think it's just as well Scarlet gave me the letter D!

Mike_D said...



Love you too!

Scarlet said...

I'm having a tough time guessing your e-mail. ;)'s not on your profile, Chica! E-mail me if you want...


Word Geek said...

hahaha that pic of the laughing kitten! one of M's students used that EXACT image in his homework, to illustrate comedy in drama. I gues it's the first hit for 'funny' on google images?
word geek sarah at googlemail dot com.
Lose the spaces.

Fireblossom said...

You crack me up! Sheer luck that you got "F", I'm sure.

it is posts like this that have won you the prestigious Scary Clown Award. Come see!

Green tea said...

Just how did you happen to get F Kitty..
Seems like a "Fix" to me

Riot Kitty said...

G: It was a fix! I didn't even have to ask for it :)