Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The awesome feminist rant!

One more reason I adore J, my friend who is our intern at work...check out the letter she wrote. I vote that she starts her own blog! What do you think?

She sent me an e-mail titled, "My first angry Super Bowl Rant"

...with many MANY more to follow!!"

To whom it may concern:
(Bridgestone Corporate Office)

I write to you today as a concerned consumer, feminist and an American. I am writing to let you know my deep concern about your "taters" ad that ran during the SuperBowl. I and many others find this commercial offensive for its blatant sexism.

Your commercial depicted terrible male and female stereotypes. Not only did you portray a woman as nothing but a shrieking, nagging wife but you showed a man as a cold, smug clod that was more than happy to keep a woman in her place.

These commercials hurt everyone. The message that you sent was that women are stupid and should be silenced. Have we got news for you!


So you fat cats can sit around and make this kind of tripe, but we, the feminists and concerned citizens of this wonderful country are not going to take it. It should go without saying you have PERMANENTLY lost many customers, myself included.

I, on behalf of ALL persons offended and affected by your disgraceful act, demand a formal apology as well as a retraction of this ad. You, your ad agency and entire company ought to be ashamed.

What do your mothers think? Sisters? Daughters? Grandmothers? Aunts? Cousins? Girlfriends? Friends? Did any of them feel belittled? Were any of them affected by this?

What sort of world are you creating? How are you making this a better place?


-Ms. J
Portland , Oregon


Word Geek said...

Amazing letter. Well done, that woman!
Also did you notice? Tripe! It's back, I'm telling you!
Word Geek

Granny Annie said...

Yep, that's a strong letter. I'm afraid I don't know what commercial she is talking about and now I have to make a point of seeing it. Women's rights are the last to be upheld and I'm pretty sure it ain't never gonna happen.

LL Cool Joe said...

I HATE gender stereotypes of any kind. This stupid idea that women are like this and men are like that. It's all a load of crap anyway. When will society get it into their heads that so called "female traits" can be found in both genders, just as "male traits" are too.

I haven't seen the ad but it sounds like it is making both genders look bad and that would bug me.

I will always fight for people's rights, whatever their gender ( I personally don't believe there are only 2), colour, age, sexuality etc.

Darth Weasel said...

'fraid I did not see the commercial . True of most commercials as that is when I paint...

*sigh* but she did point up another disturbing trend in Americana, where a lot of people who don't even like football watch the game for the commercials.

What? the interruptions to the main event are what people watch for?

Then certain stations do shows on the best commercials of the year. Commercials have become that entertaining? I call shenanigans. They are NOT that entertaining, they are just shills for products we usually don't need, yet we allow ourselves to be cajoled into intense wants for useless garbage?

There are some real suckers here, somewhere, if I only I could figure out who they are...

Scarlet said...

Nicely put. I have no idea what commercial she's talking about, but I like her attitude. Stereotypes suck and so do the people who use them to sell taters!

Riot Kitty said...

I agree with everyone...great letter! Joey, your passion inspires me!

Shionge said...

3 Cheers for J :)

Claire said...

I habe no idea about the original advert, but I am LOVING her letter!


LL Cool Joe said...

R Kitty, my passion gets me into trouble!! :D Ok, now I have to get a card from you!! It has to be better than the ones I received in the post, so don't be scared. :D

My email is

Just make sure that J doesn't send me a stroppy letter instead though!!

JLee said...

I wish I had seen the commercial! lol

Fireblossom said...

Personally, I think football is stupid and should be silenced, so I didn't see the ad either. But what a great letter! Yes, she should blog!!!!