Monday, February 02, 2009

Let's take a vote

So I was thinking that after my ex-coworker cooled down, I'd send her a nice card or e-mail, and ask that she find it in her heart not to be angry, and let her know I'm sorry she got laid off.

She was into all of that mellow new agey crap, after all.

Then I come into work today, and she had come in over the weekend to clear out the rest of her stuff.

And the plant I gave her was sitting on my desk.

Damn. How long can a person stay angry? Especially at someone who didn't do anything?

So at that point I thought...well, fuck you!

It is easier for me to be pissed off than admit my feelings are hurt.

Do I write her off, or do I send the card?

Seriously, what do you think?


Shionge said...

Hey RK - strange but true that we never did hear from the guy that was retrenched even though we invited him for our annual dinner & dance this Sat.

Precisely how long are they going to stay angry, I say give it one more shot and if no response from her it clearly means she just wants to cut ties with everyone.

I know it is sad but at least we try RK so yes, you are magnanimous and kind hearted so if maybe one more shot?

Keep us posted RK :D

Fireblossom said...

I think that you should take the high road, extend the hand of friendship one more time (or a hundred more), say a prayer that this person will find their way, and send healing energy to them at ten, two and four o'clock, just like the old Dr. Pepper ads. Then when you're done, your soul will fly, shining and perfect, straight up into Heaven.

OR you could put motor oil in her mascara. ;-)

Granny Annie said...

If you were friends outside the workplace and ran around together a lot and shared experiences, then you must approach her and let her know you might need her someday when it's your turn.

However, if your relationship was only centered in the workplace it wasn't friendship and you need to let her get on with her life and you get on with yours. Your boss said it best: Don't take it know, when we're upset, we want to strike out at someone."

LL Cool Joe said...

Send the card of course. As I say to my kids "Two wrongs don't make a right." Yes I really do talk jargon filled crap to my kids! :D

At least you will know in your heart you've done the right thing, and at the end of the day, you are in a better situation than her too, so yeah, be strong and try one more time.

Shit, I hate it when people say "at the end of the day", and I just did.

Oh you gonna love this! Guess what my verification word is?


So, if there was ever a sign from God, that is!! Just call me your guardian angel if you like. ;)

Claire said...

I'd send the card, even though she's being horrid. Cos that's how I roll.


Darth Weasel said...

My vote goes like this;

When a friendship flowers, it is a beautiful thing, but at the moment, one of the two of you simply appears to be...dare I say it...a blooming idiot.

How far do you go to pursue a positive relationship with someone who seems at best unworthy?

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks for the votes...I suppose I should clarify here - this was a person I considered a friend but only met and knew through work. We did e-mail each other stuff outside of work - all of us did, because it was a small office - and got cakes on each others' b.days, etc.

Still debating between a note or poisoning her plants.

JLee said...

She is being a childish little bitch in my opinion. You didn't do anything wrong! But then again, she may just be taking her anger out on you and realize it later. I think what you do depends on how much you cared about her or want to continue a friendship. If you value it, reach out to her, but if you weren't very close, realize it's her issue and brush it off, and let it go.

D said...

I would send the card. At least then you won't have to look back and think, "perhaps I should have." Now, if you don't hear anything back, poison her plants.