Monday, February 09, 2009

Trying day...trying to make you laugh :)

I took 9 (!!!) strange helpline calls at work today (short staffed = reinventing job descriptions...let's say lots of "other duties as needed) and found out some other sad news that I won't write about here.


Let's focus on the funny.

My dad is turning 60 this year (no, that's not the funny part!) and we are going to London in December on a trip.

The last time we went there together, we saw the Valentine's Day protest in 2003, where more than 1 million people turned out to protest the impending (and unfortunately soon to happen) invasion of Iraq. (The funny part of that story is that afterwards, they all went shopping! I know this to be true because we ducked into a few shops and the customers all left their protest signs outside while they went in and became crass capitalists again...)

I made a point of telling everyone we made small talk with - even waiters - that we had not voted for you-know-who.

This time around, we're both much less embarrassed to be American.

My dad wrote that it would be more fun this time around, "AND now that the evil twins, Blair and Bush, are out of office."

I replied: "Hahaha! I know! Having a non-evil president is like... Well, it's like every morning now feels like the first several after I quit smoking - I had gotten so accustomed to feeling shitty when I woke up, but I didn't notice *how* shitty until I quit!"

And he replied: "Excellent!!!!!! I felt that way when I escaped from S..."

S is his ex-wife - evil, but no known twin ;)


Fireblossom said...

What are you, a Dixie Chick? I tried to burn your blog but I just ended up melting my computer a little bit.

(I hated Bush too, but i couldn't resist! Hehe!)

LL Cool Joe said...

Tony Blair is a friend of mine, no really he is, and he's far from evil.

Riot Kitty said...

FB: Hahaha!

Joey: Seriously! I liked him until he supported the Iraq war and became a Bush buddy.

Word Geek said...

Obama: Allowing American ex-pats everywhere to stop pretending they're Canadian.

London, eh? Keep us posted on that!

D said...

Blair didn't have a backbone. He was Bush's Pocket Bitch.

Green tea said...

I would love to go to London..maybe someday..
Happy birthday to your Dad.

Darth Weasel said...

so maybe she DID take a call or two that wasn't personal...

bwoohahaha I love inside jokes. Too bad I am outside as I type this