Monday, May 24, 2010


Despite 50 degree, rainy weather, the event was a great success yesterday - 1,900 people showed up (300 more than last year) and we are about $18,000 ahead in fundraising online (don't know about cash/checks turned in yet) than we were the entirety of last year. (We're still accepting donations until July 23.)

Only $69 to go until I reach my fundraising goal of $1,500 - so here's hoping one of my perverted friends will help!

I had awesome volunteers and it was the smoothest time I've done the event...lots of thank-yous going out tomorrow, and thank-you phone calls.

Today, however, I'm *trying* not to keep checking work e-mail and relax some. I went out and got a manicure (which I only do about once a year - usually after this event), and now my nails are jade green. Just in time for a meeting at a hospital Wednesday ;)

In the meantime, Lucky is showing me how to relax...


Aliceson said...

Fantastic, RK! You deserve a break after smashing last year's fundraising totals like that. Those green nails sound like the perfect treat!

Fireblossom said...

Looks like Lucky has it down! :)

Now I'm going to have Frankie Goes To Hollywood in my head for the rest of the day!

LL Cool Joe said...

Well done to you mate!! You deserve a break. Do the green nails look like you've spent too much time with your fingers up your nose?

Snot funny at all, I'll shut up!

Logical Libby said...

If you need help I can threaten people for you.

And is that Eyeore doing something obscene to that cat?

Lynn said...

I almost didn't get the 69 reference at first. :) I'm glad the walk went well, my friend.

Riot Kitty said...

A: Thanks! I've been waving my hands around everywhere, hoping to look like a swamp monster...
Joey: Very funny! Nope, they're jade green.
Libby: You pervert! Eeyore must be asexual...
Lynn: Thanks and glad you got it ;) Someone else actually came up with it. I said, "I'm so happy, I only have $69 to go!" And it was suggested, "Well, all you need is one perverted friend, then!"

Mama Zen said...

I want me some jade green nails!

mac said...

It does look like Eeyore is violating the kitty :-O

But, really, cats know how to relax!

Shionge said... cool. I used to paint different colours for each of my ten finger nails and that was like 20 years ago :D

Relax RK!!!

Ily said...

Lucky number 69...or were you referring to Lucky, the "kitty?" lol

Anyway...enough perversion in one comment.

I'm thrilled to see you reaching your goal!

PS - That is an adorable photo, btw. I should pose like that for three days!

Riot Kitty said...

MZ: Highly recommended!
Mac: You're just a perverted friend :)
S: What a great idea!
Ily: LOL! I'd love to spend three days snoozing like that.