Friday, May 14, 2010

More things I would like to know

Pardon the lack of posting this week - we're gearing up (and by "we," I mean "me")for our biggest event of the year, which is on the 23rd. Between that, my new tattoo, and some sunshine after a really long winter (there are still bare trees here, and until 2 weeks ago it was still getting down into the 30s at night), my brain is, shall we say, mushy. (By the way, here's proof that there is spring here - I took this picture last weekend out in the Columbia River Gorge.)

However, this doesn't mean there haven't been things I want to blog about - including questions about where some expressions come from.

Expression # 1: "Happy as a clam."
Um, what? Are clams happier than other animals? I mean, they get cooked, split open and scraped out, then eaten. Or am I missing something?

Expression # 2: "You're telling me."
No, really? Was that a trick question?

Expression # 3: "Safe as houses."

Last time I checked, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, mudslides and other natural disasters could make houses very unsafe!

Expression # 4: "Snug as a bug in a rug."
Really. You tell me.

Expression # 5: "Drunk as a skunk"

Yes, it rhymes. But are they out there having margaritas after work?

In closing, my great-grandmother (who lived to be 99, and died my junior year in high school) always used to say, among other things, "Haste makes waste," and "Talk is cheap." We did not find out until several years after her death that to a select few, she followed that last expression with "It takes money to buy good whisky!"


Logical Libby said...

If it rhymes, then it' true. That's the law.

skyewriter said...

I wonder if the "safe as houses" phrase relies on the "glass houses" root? Weird stuff, I know...

Regardless, I am WAY behind! TATTOO!?!?

Off to read!

Fireblossom said...

I can't explain any of those, but I have my own pet phrases that are routinely bastardized. It's not "Spitting image", but "spit and image." DNA test, anyone? It's not "scared shitless", but "scared spitless" because one's mouth goes dry when afraid. It's not "you've got another thing coming", but "you've got another think coming." Wanna try again, genius? I also hate "very unique." A thing is either unique or it isn't. There aren't degrees to absolutes.

Okay, I'm done. For now lol.

Senorita said...

You make some excellent points, but I think clams are generally happy until they die by death of being eaten. They just sit there and don't do anything. If I just sat around and did nothing all day long, I'd be pretty damn happy too !

k. said...

(okay, so not TECHNICALLY a clam...)

G said...

A brain that has gone to mush means only one thing:

clears throat

Hey Auntie R.K.? It's your nephew G.

Can I borrow about five hundred? I just saw a hot deal on a great sound system for my car and mom says she won't lend me anymore money unless I get a...yeech...job.

What do you say?

You will?

Great! I'll be right over!

Aliceson said...

I have a favorite I heard a few years back. "Madder than a wet hen." Cracks me up every time! One that bugs me is when people reply "Not so much." Not sure why but it gives me a shiver when I hear it.

LL Cool Joe said...

Fireblossom, but scared shitless sounds so much better! :D

I hate the expression "It takes 2 to Tango" and "whatever floats your boat".

Darth Weasel said...

and how about "sleeping like a baby". ever been around a baby? That means short bursts of sleep, often followed by long bursts of crying and spurting stuff out of orifices. Not much sleep for anyone involved. Just sayin'

Holland said...

Raining dogs and cats... ever seen that happen... and if so did you take pictures?

mac said...

I've got this one...

Happy as a clam comes from an old expression: Happy as a clam in high tide.
During high tide clams are protected from their natural predators, making them happy.
The phrase has been shortened over time to "Happy as a clam"...PLUS, they kinda look like they're smiling ;-)

I haven't been drunk in 18 years. I can't speculate on a skunk's sobriety. Though I will confirm that they stink!

I'm with FB on "unique". Either something IS or it ISN'T unique. There is no 'sorta', 'kinda', or 'very' about it.

Lynn said...

I am so glad to hear you have some sunshine - that's got to be nice. :) And seriously - who thought of snug as a bug in a rug, anyway?

Riot Kitty said...

Libby: I see!
Skye: I wonder...
FB: Such good points!
S: I didn't think of that...
k: I can't wait to see that...
G: LOL! You have met my 14-year-old brother, I take it.
A: I didn't think about that one. I've never spent much time around hens!
Joey: Good point about the tango one. I can tango by myself, damn it!
Darth: Yes!!! So right! "Sleep like an old person" would be more accurate.
H: If it happens, I will so take pics!
Mac: Thank you! Now it makes sense.
L: I really do want to know who thought of that, just so I can slap them.

Ily said...

I wonder about that drunk skunk one as well...and a few others.

When my daughter was a baby and make all kinds of sounds I'd wait for her to finish and say, "You don't say," but I still don't know what that means or where it comes from.

Shionge said...

Clams are happy maybe because the 'smile' when they are open :D

Mama Zen said...

I hate when someone says "I could care less." You COULD? That means that you DO care, dipshit!

Granny Annie said...

You have me curious now and I looked to your readers for answers but it looks like none are forthcoming.

I just used the expression "Fat as a butterball" on my blog. First what is a butterball?

Riot Kitty said...

Ily: That is so cute! I don't know, either.
S: That's a good point :)
MZ: Exactly! I should have added that one.
GA: There have been a few answers...what *is* a butterball? Other than a brand of turkey??

Anil P said...

Happy as a clam. I'm not sure if the clam knows it's supposed to be happy.

But not a bad idea to clam up at times when opening the mouth can invite trouble.

What's the tattoo about?

Anil P said...

Don't tell.

I found out - snying rje :-)

Riot Kitty said...

Anil: Good point! And thanks for the comments on the other post, too.