Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter!

Things I like about Easter:

1. Cadbury eggs. Nom nom!

2. Painting eggs. We're going to try it tomorrow by sucking the egg out and then hopefully keeping the shell intact. Somehow, I hear crunching in our future.

3. Spring. Yeah, it's raining and it sucks, but I like to see flowers blooming and think one of these days, it might actually be warm.

4. Watching the Charlie Brown special.

5. Stuffed animal bunnies. I love collecting these - in fact I have so many, I'm sure it's socially irresponsible.

How about you? What do you like about Easter/spring?


RA said...

Happy Easter, Riot! Here's preparing for chocolate eggs (many!) and a Harry Potter marathon on TV.... YAY!

Senorita said...

So now if someone tells you to go and suck eggs, you'll actually do it !

My favorite part about Easter is the candy, hands down. Those chocolate covered marshmallow eggs consume my soul.

As for spring, I like wearing skimpier clothing.

Tango said... suck the eggs and we blow them.

Lynn said...

So many things it is difficult to list them all. There is a lunch at a friend's house this afternoon with 16 people all bringing springlike dishes. That's the kind of thing I love about Easter and spring.

G said...

This Easter will be a little different as I'm still going through the enstrangement thingy with part of my family (please, no apologies, it is what it is), so I think it becomes just another day, since the youngest was too busy enjoying Saturday's gorgeous weather to dye eggs.

I'll probably be slaving away on my book, writing part of it by hand since I'm at a key part near the end and I'm starting to lose my grip on the plot thread. you know, I just can't vacate this nifty little blog without putting in my two cents about the nastier side of spring.

What I enjoy about spring, is the complete lack of self-consciousness that the opposite sex has about their state of being.

Summer sizzles?

Forget that, spring time sizzles baby.


This PSA has been brought to you by the Younger Dirtier Men Of America, for which without us, your life outside the home would definitely be bo-ring.


Fireblossom said...

Well I was going to comment, but I've been renedered speechless by the previous comment.

Darth Weasel said...

sadly, i am that pathetic human being to whom pretty much every holiday is irrelevant. I do not know how or why I became so anti-holiday...I wish I had not because watching the joy the Goose takes in even the littlest thing about a holiday and it being a special day makes me regret my choice...but they say you cnnot teach an old dog new tricks. I read that statement and concentrate on the "old"...

Ily said...

Did you think you were going to get so many comments about sucking/blowing eggs? ¡Ave Maria Purísima!

What I love about springtime in Miami is the night breeze...especially while sitting at an outdoor cafe on South Beach listening to reggae or jazz and chatting with a friend over red wine (not that we don't do this EVERY season!).

k. said...

man, i HATE easter! always have, even as a kid. i'm not christian and strongly dislike easter-specific candy.

i was expected to HUNT for bullshit candy and lame toys with that creepy plastic grass, and then get dragged to church?!

my high school boyfriend's family was hardcore italian, and they went APESHIT on candy at easter. i'm talkin', giant chocolate eggs twice as big as my head. so i became very popular in my dorm the week after easter, because i'd put up a sign in the bathroom offering my easter candy. the RA always checked in to make sure it was just candy i was giving out.

"*knock knock*...hey, man, you, uh, still got any of that stuff left? i have a midterm tomorrow, i need a little something to get me through."

Riot Kitty said...

Wow! No, I didn't think I'd get this many comments...and I totally didn't get it about sucking eggs! I was pretty tired when I posted this.

Aliceson said...

We don't do the church-y part of Easter, I personally think it's the most horrifying of the Christian holidays, but that must be the Heathen in me...

The kids have been bringing home tons of bunny and egg shaped candy home from school and the Grandmas keep buying egg dyeing kits and sending them to our house so we participate in the fun, non-bloody parts of Easter.

Hope you had your fill of Cadbury eggs and had success with the egg sucking!

Mike_D said...

I'm all for skimpier clothing, Senorita. Just saying.

Those peanut butter eggs are awesome.

Jelly Beans.

Nuff Said...

mac said...

I doesn't do Easter.

Spring is another story. I'm with Senorita, I like the fact that the wimmin folk will be wearing skimpier clothes (in a totally NONsexist way, of course...Ima sex fiend, not sexist).

I like those eggs, but I ain't sucking on 'em.

I like the purdy flowers, and the way I feel because it's not so cold I freeze my boys off when I take the dog for a walk.

I like that I'm going to be getting some sweet riding time in on Peaches here :-)

Shionge said...

Happy Easter RK and I must say since I am not a Christian, Easter means loving all the chocolate eggs in the supermarket ya :)

Riot Kitty said...

Aliceson: "Non-bloody part of Easter" - I love it!
Mike and Mac: LMAO!
S: Thanks!

Green tea said...

Getting together with family..
especially seeing all the G kids and hearing about their lives, watching them interact.
Then there are the surprises, like our 23 year old granddaughter announcing she is preggers by the loser we thought she had broken up with.. (OH Well, live and learn.)
Making that 4 G babies by the end of the year.

Yes then there is the chocolate :)