Monday, April 26, 2010

Nice stuff

OK, grab your kleenex, here are a couple of nice things that happened (which, for the record, I do write about occasionally, in between rants.)

1. I made homemade pizza this weekend and it turned out well! Mr. RK, who pulls no punches, said he liked it better than any restaurant pizza. When my little sister was five (she's nine now), she told us, "I love you guys more than pizza!" Mr. RK said, "Make this pizza for her and see if she feels the same way!"

2. A woman who walked with our team last year gave me an unsolicited, totally unexpected $300 donation. She wrote, "You and your boss and your organization are priceless! Hope this helps a little." I'm going to print that out and re-read it the next time I get a mean person on the phone.

3. An amputee made the U.S. track team! Talk about success! Last week I gave a short talk about how people living with a mental illness are all too often taught to have low expectations, and that we should reject them. Ditto for people with physical disabilities, as this wonderful athlete has proven.

There, is that warm and sunny enough for you?


Fireblossom said...

It's the new Rainbow Happy Kitty!

I am glad your pizza turned out so well. Bosco wants me to inquire whether the crusts are still available.

Donations are a good thing, as are people realizing dreams they've been told are impossible, a subject I know more than a little about!

Love you, Twin.


Anonymous said...


Ally said...

Yo, is that spam above me?

Anyway, #2 and #3 are awesome, but as a food-lovah, I have to say yum and go you on the homemade pizza. I need to blog about that actually. My dad always made us pizzas :) Thanks for the reminder!

Lynn said...

I like those three things!

Shionge said...

I love you more if you make me pizza too RK heheehe....just kidding I love you all the same and speaking of which yep...there'll always be sunshine after the rain :)

Senorita said...

Great list of things !

It sounds like you are soliciting donations for a good cause. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be mean if they don't want to donate. I don't understand it.

I really do think we teach people with disabilities to have lower standards, when in reality we should be treating them just like everyone else.

LL Cool Joe said...

*Falls to the floor in shock!*

This isn't a happy, chirpy post is it?? I'm not sure I can handle that from you! ;)

Can you post some pizza to me and I'll be a judge, I love pizza!

Aliceson said...

Just as long as you don't make this a regular thing. Just kidding, I knew you had a soft side.

My husband loves homemade pizza too and complains when I cheat and pull a store bought one out of the freezer. Your little sis will love it!

#2 and #3 are fantastic as well! Woohoo!

Sidhe said...

Love them all and have a special place in my heart for #3. Time to raise the bar, my expectations were always high for my clients and only rose higher when I heard those words, "I can't...". I'd always ask, "Why not?" To which there is never a good answer!

Here's to sunny days, happy hearts and homemade pizzas!

Meredith said...

How wonderful about the unexpected donation. As a person living with a mental illness (although I really do not think of myself that way any longer) I applaud your fund-raising efforts and your awareness that how we define ourselves often determines what we can and will do with our lives.

Also, after scrolling down a couple of posts, I have to also say Bravo! for coming out of the closet. Because of societal stigma, it still makes my husband nervous when I admit to being diagnosed with mental illness on my blog -- but he knows that long ago I decided not to make a big deal out of it, but also never to hide it. The stigma will never abate unless we get out there and be real and honest.

Just stopping by from Lynn's Good Things Happened. Glad I did. :)

Granny Annie said...

"......and when she was good, she was very, very good..."

mac said...

You've been nice to me.

I agree whole heartily about not lowering our expectations because someone is handicapped. With small exceptions to allow inclusion, we shouldn't treat them any different...because they aren't!

And don't sweat being not so nice to assholes. That's why we like ya :-)

Riot Kitty said...

Wow! Thanks everyone.
Mac, you're not an asshole :)

G said...


falls to the ground and starts violently twitching

Ily said...

Yesterday my boss met an attorney who happens to be blind and when she told me all about him, it inspired the hell out of me! I'm with you...where there's guts and determination, anything's possible!

PS - Can I come over for pizza?? (I know what you're going to tell me..."MAKE YOUR OWN!") One of these days, Chica! :)

Riot Kitty said...

Violently twitching!! LMAO!
Of course you can come over for pizza ;)

Darth Weasel said...

uh...was this ghost written?

(my comment, I mean)