Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wouldn't it be simpler...

if we all just communicated like other mammals?

Seriously. Think about it. To be human and be adult requires a certain amount of bullshit. No matter where we are in life or work, there is always *someone* we want to smack around, literally or figuratively, but we can't do that without consequences.

But my cats, on the other hand, frequently go to the mattresses out of the blue.

Then they get it out of their system and all is well again.

And if they have an opinion, they share it.

And if they just need a cuddle, they say so.

So much simpler. Don't you think?


Ily said...

Not only do your kitties have personalities, they're adorable!

I often look at my tabby cat, Tabitha, and wonder, why can't I be her for the day and spend the day sprawled out in the backyard sunbathing and eating chicken paté? Cats...they have the life!

Darth Weasel said...

so true. Of course, there is a down side, too. Like Bella, our loveable yet annoying Chew-everything...err, Chai Who Ah Who Ah...though some people mis-spell it Chihuahua...jumps up and down in excitement when I get home, nuzzles me when I am boring and will not play with her, and licks my head repeatedly when she wants me to get out of bed. This would be less disgusting if she did not habitually eat her poop.

There is never a question how she feels, though. She is innocence and sweetness rolled into one. People should be more like her, only with less barking and feces consumption.

LL Cool Joe said...

love the photos! Yeah cats have it sussed alright!

I'd love to beat a few people around the head I have to say. :D

Fireblossom said...

Um...but then we'd have to sniff each other's butts.

Your cats are adorable, I always love seeing their pix, and today we get a whole bunch of pix! You should feed them though. ;-)

G said...

Yup. I think you explained it purrfectly.

BTW: thought I let you know that I got a post popping in four days that was inspired by a comment you left on mine about querying.

Hope it meets with your incredibly twisted sense of humor.

Granny Annie said...

Our grandchildren go to the mattress a lot and when the tussle is over they are over the dispute but they do not cuddle.

My cats all taunt the dog. Poor Slim falls for their ruses every time. I know I hear cat laughter after they have tricked her a few times.

Slim continually brings me her favorite rope toy or her ball and basically throws them at me until I have no choice but to play a few minutes.

Once again I love your photos.

Lynn said...

I know - I've always said that in my next life I should come back as my cat. Sophie and I both miss our Cleo, who passed away in 2003. I miss their funny tussling and slapping each other and then 10 minutes later, snugging up with each other.

Green tea said...

Well I want to be a child again..I miss that innocence. :D

JLee said...

I agree 100%! I just took a course in Reiki, or energy work, and I thought of how animals communicate via energy and I love that. We do as well, but just not as much as the animal world :)

Riot Kitty said...

Ily: Thanks! I certainly think so :) And Mr. RK and I both want to be reincarnated as one of our cats.
Darth: That last sentence is just priceless...but you probably already knew that.
FB: Very funny! According to the vet, only one of them is a teensy bit overweight.
G: I can't wait to see it :)
GA: Cat laughter! Great expression.
L: I'm sorry you lost your kitty. I always have two, so they can keep each other company.
GT: I think I was born without that :)
JL: Interesting!

Shionge said...

Totally Agreed!!!! Sometimes I just have to 'swallow' my emotion just so I won't hurt anybody ;( It is hard and tiring I must say