Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I've been wondering what to write for my last post of 2009, and it just fell into my lap. Or rather, into my e-mail.

The e-mail below came from a friend who runs the local county affiliate of my work organization. They have a clothing bank and I also gave her a set of Christmas blocks that I had gotten as a present from elderly relatives - I wanted to cry when I got them because they have very little money and it cost $12 just to ship them. Then who knows how much they spent on the blocks (yes, blocks.)

I wanted to let you know that the clothes you donated went to the girl who was hit by a car with our volunteers. The girl, N, had two pairs of pants, 3 or 4 shirts and one pair of shoes. One of each of these was destroyed when she was hit by the car. J, our volunteer and the other two’s mom, asked if we had any clothes in the clothing closet that may fit her and explained the situation. The clothes you donated were cool for a teen and were the right size.

Also, the holiday blocks. I gave them to P and told her that all the work she had done with the holiday season was so appreciated that an anonymous person asked me to give her a special gift. She not only organized all the Christmas bags and gifts for the adults at two group homes, but she also planned the Christmas Potluck at the center. You should have seen her face. She was so thrilled to have someone do something like that for her. She is just getting back to work after years of not being able to work because of anxiety so be recognized that way was a brand new experience. :o)

So there are your good thoughts for the day of how your donations impacted two peoples' lives.

This made my day! How many times have we all donated extra stuff we had laying around and given it little or no thought afterwards? But with a thoughtful person (like my friend), little things can make a big difference, sometimes.

Happy New Year!

- RK

PS Mr. RK took this picture outside of our place last night.


JLee said...

That is so wonderful to hear! I donate a crapload of stuff and often wonder who ends up with it. I hope it can be put to good use like your story here. Happy New Year RK!

Robert Tres said...

RK, you are part of the solution.

Nice moon...

Fireblossom said...

^^I thought I saw Pigford Swineforth come in here! Just wait til I get my hands on you....


Granny Annie said...

I am not surprised by your generous gift and so glad you got to learn what happiness it brought.

Does Mr. R.K. have a site for his photography? If not, he should.

LL Cool Joe said...

That is very cool! I never think about the people that receive the old clothes, books etc that we take to charity shops.

Happy New Year!

Pouty Lips said...

Well, you put your elderly relative's gift to good use then. Well done.

Riot Kitty said...

JL: Happy New Year!
RT: Awwwww, that is so warm and fuzzy.
FB: He's waiting! :)
GA: That is very sweet of you!
Joey: I never thought about it, either, but this was nice to hear.
PL: Thanks!

Claire said...

What a lovely email! Well done you for making a difference!

Oh, and Happy New Year!


Oh, and PS Please can I have your pancake recipe?

Green tea said...

You are a kind soul Kitty.. :)

I volunteered many years at the local food shelf..until my knee's and back started screaming at me.
My Woman's Club collects food and gifts at Christmas to donate, it was sad to see how empty the shelves were.
They have tripled their food donations this year.
How about we all add something extra to our Groceries this year and donate it.

Riot Kitty said...

Claire: I e-mailed you the recipe - let me know how it turns out!
GT: Good idea!

Ily said...

Cool e-mail! It almost made ME cry!

I donate to a high school for pregnant, unwed moms (that has a daycare attached and a little store called The Storks Nest). You donate things to the store and after they accumulate points for homework, attending class, etc., they get to shop for the donated items. I try to give them anything a teen would want to wear and some baby stuff when I see it on sale.

Happy New Year, Chica! That photo is awesome!