Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Why is it...

that celebrity and political sex snafus dominate the headlines in this country?

I mean, we have 20,000 poor bastards on their way to Afghanistan, a mind-boggling national debt, massive unemployment, a record number of people who aren't getting enough to eat in this land of plenty - in other words, plenty of news - and yet every news site I go to, except for the one for our city paper, is full of the sexual stories about a certain geeky-looking golf player. (For the record, I can't imagine wanting to get into the sack with any golf player, but I suppose that's beside the point.)

Prior to that, it was a certain idiotic governor who followed his prick to Argentina while claiming to be on state business...and so on and so on.


And do you think people really want to read about this?

If so, is it because we are a sex-obsessed, still Puritanical nation, or celebrity-obsessed? All of the above?

I really want to know your opinions.


Darth Weasel said...

News has become "information people will get advertisers to payus to dispense, no matter how banal or irrelevant it might be".

And the country is off its rocker for sure. I was talking to my S.I.L. about it the other night, about how we have made it acceptable to do stuff like this murder-suicide garbage.

People cry about the "senselessness" of it...and it stays in the headlines for weeks with the same comments over and over. And the very nature of the condemnations actually show it is not just accepted, but glorified.

In a sick, perverted way, the condemnation goes on and on and on to the point where it is celebration rather than condemnation. Kind of like how people look at Griffith's Birth of a Nation or Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will. Despicable, heavily condemned things that by the nature of the condemnation attain notoriety and success.

But why pay attention to real issues when we can find out who has-beens are interviewing to find true love on a half hour edited show?

LL Cool Joe said...

Not sure if this is connected to my post about Chris Brown, or not.

I'm interested in music, actually no that's an understatement, I'm passionate about music and therefore am interested in the performers themselves. I like to know if their music comes from the heart. I'm also interested in knowing if they are good role models, fake etc. I find it hard to enjoy a track if the person who created it, is a violent bastard.

When I ran Bobby Vee's fan club, I had to be sure I admired the man and not just the hits.

I'm not celebrity obsessed, but I do spend my time with quite a lot of them.

I want to know if they are for real. It's all connected to the music to me.

Anonymous said...

I think it's different reasons for different people. Some people want to see the mighty fall from grace. Some people just want an escape from the drudgery of their lives.

The Peach Tart said...

I hate that our media has chosen to report on sex scandals instead of real news about the woes with our country and even good news.

Fireblossom said...

Oh Twin, we are SO rwins!I would sleep with a scabrous babboon before I would sleep with a golfer! Because of chatter at work, I am aware that Tiger Woods had some sort of accident, but I couldn't care less.

I, too, wonder what the root of celebrity obsession is. I deliver endless tabloids and celeb magazines and I always think, "who cares?! Well, clearly, LOTS of people do. But why?

I look at yet another Brad and Angelina bore-a-thon on the cover of "Us" or someplace, and I think, wow, people must be so stultified in their own lives that they need someone else to have the affairs and to be young and rich and glamorous for them so that they can enjoy it vicariously, all the while clucking about it. They want excitement but lack the brass to go out and live it, and so they are both titillated by scandal and gratified when those who do dare, fall.

Lynn said...

I guess the fact that Tiger has so much money must be the attracting factor for the infidelity. I was flipping channels last night and one of those celebrity obsessed gossip shows was giving breathless "latest" info. Mercy.

Riot Kitty said...

Darth: Well said!
Joey: Totally unrelated. I've just gotten sick of golfing sex headlines ;)
WIGSF: Good point.
PT: Exactly!
FB: A babboon! LMAO!
Lynn: Sad, isn't it? I've never understood why people will sleep with other people because they're rich!

Shionge said...

I often heard people mentioned that when a man gets too much money in his pocket...he tends to flirt ;) (In our context).

Anyway...too much money I think it is about celebrities set their priorties straight, not another mansion, another car, another woman?? Gosh, that is so shallow.

Ily said...

Who gives a rat's ass about Tiger Woods and his sex life...or anyone else's for that matter?

Now if Johnny Depp flew to Miami and forced me to have sex on the beach with him...well, Chica, call the paparazzi! ;)

Riot Kitty said...

Shionge: I agree.
Ily: I do give a rat's ass about *my* sex life! Keep me posted on your Depp project...

JLee said...

Amen, sister! Who gives a we should act surprised when a celeb cheats?

Tom Bailey said...

I think there are a variety of reasons

One theory:
Some people feel the need to get excited when someone with talent fame and money gets into trouble to focus on it to make them feel better about themselves.

Another is:
People like hearing about sex in virtually any form even if it is about famous people cheating.

Everyone can have an opinion on things like this... it does not take much thought to form an opinion on something like this. It requires zero thought to form an opinion on this that someone else might agree with you on.

Interesting post.

Granny Annie said...

Deviant sexual behavior for the heterosexual or the homosexual can be flagrantly displayed depending upon the total entertainment qualities of the perpetrator (i.e. box office dollars) as well as the political party of the perpetrator. If you are Roman Polanski you may be a pedophile and your friends will surround you and support you with total disregard to a 13 year old female victim. If you are Bill Clinton you may have your own version of sex using a cigar combined with some lips to pe*#s activity and your affiliates will surround you and support you. If you are Tiger Woods and you try to enact your legal rights to silence according to the law of the land, the press will pursue you until you break and give them an inch and they will then demand a mile and/or their #s of flesh. Meanwhile I don't give a flip. This country is so full of greater needs than following up on celebrities.....yes it is....I swear there are more important things! Well, the Swiss do need to give us Polanski and we need to send that pervert to prison but I should not have to be involved with that. It's up to the law.

Riot Kitty said...

JLee: I can't believe anyone is surprised, actually.

TB: Interesting...and good point that people want to hear about sex in any form. Probably because they're not getting any!

GA: I'm totally with you about that disgusting creep Polanski.