Friday, December 04, 2009

Taking pictures illegally

Lynn, who always takes interesting pictures for her blog posts, took one on a tour of homes right before finding out that there would be no more picture-taking allowed.

Which reminded me of a story from a few years ago that I thought I'd share because, if you are like me, you could all use a LAUGH after this past week.

On a trip to New York (where, incidentally, I went to college), a friend and I went to the Museum of Design. It's a small museum close to "Museum Mile" on the Upper East Side. One of the exhibits had a bunch of propaganda posters for the military from WWII. Amazingly, I was able to find this online (see above), although the poster we saw also had pink, red and purple in it, so it was VERY colorful, and perhaps even more funny.

We laughed so hard we almost fell over. There was a strict no photo policy, but I *had to* have a picture of this. We even checked the gift shop first to see if we could buy prints, but no dice.

Trying to be sneaky and unobserved, I snapped a shot and my friend stood on watch for the museum guards - one of whom, of course, saw what I was up to.

"You're not allowed to take photos in the museum," she said.

"I know - but I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO have a picture of this!" I said, pointing to the poster.
The guard started laughing and said, "Go ahead - take a good one!"

I will keep that picture as long as I live! As Lynn said, it's still good advice :)


Darth Weasel said...

always good to find people with a sense of humor. just try not to think of it next time you are at a funeral lest you become part of the Giggle Loop.

Speakinjg of funerals...CL is looking for people to review them with humor.

I WISH I was joking..

Fireblossom said...

Twin, I think this sort of messed-up (but hilarious) stuff just follows you around!

Granny Annie said...

My newest project is to find an original of that poster!

Also, I don't know how long you've had that Shelly Winters quote on your blog but I'm going to have to add that to my favorite quotes.

OMG my word verification is stfies.

G said...

Its so nice to find someone in the private sector with a great sense of humor and a large dose of common sense.

At least that poster makes much more sense than the latest commercial for Trojans, or even the laugh riot comdom scene from the movie "Amazon Women From The Moon".

btw: my word verification is "pootype"

Lynn said...

Hey - I am glad I could help inspire this good post! I like the "pleasure graph" at the bottom of the poster.

When I tried to take a second picture inside the door at that house, a very Junior League type woman said, "No - the owner doesn't allow photos!" I said, jokingly, "She doesn't have to know." And her eyes got so wide - as if she was about to handle something that would cause great conflict. I just tucked the camera back in my bag and thanked her. :)

My verification word is "saystr"

Riot Kitty said...

Darth: I know! I saw it!!
GA: Great project! Let me know if you find one...
G: Merci! Hilarious word verification.
Lynn: That is hilarious!

Mike_D said...

There was a band called King Missle that had a song called "Detachable Penis."

Ily said...

OMG, I'm going to beat Granny Annie and get right on that project! lol

Love it, Chica!!

G said...

To Mike D: I remember seeing the video for it a couple of times (they use a dildo in the video) and the song still gets played on my local rock station out here too.

btw: this time my word is "ingstab". woo boy, i got a modified anagram.

Riot Kitty said...

Mike: I totally remember that song!
Ily: Let me know how you do!
G: I haven't seen the video, I'm obviously missing something ;)

Shionge said...

Great to know that the Guard has a sense of humour too and allow you take the shot :) Thanks Buddy!!

Aliceson said...

Some things just need to be documented, whether permission has been granted or not. Great poster!

Claire said...

That poster is insanely awesome. Yay for photos snuck!


LL Cool Joe said...

Who would have thought that Lynn would have inspired this post! :D

Great poster, although it does concern me that his hand isn't attached to his body. Or maybe it's not his hand? ;)

Riot Kitty said...

S: You are welcome!
A and C: Agreed!
Joey: Hmm :)

JLee said...

I'm sorry, I didn't absorb much after "I take one everywhere I take my penis" ahahaa