Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Conversations with my little brother

I can't wait for the 12th. That's when my little brother B comes to visit.

I haven't taken any vacations since February, since I missed so much time when I was sick and then while I was recovering, so it will be nice to have a week off.

B is 16 going on 40, by the way.

We talk on the phone sometimes, but most of our conversations are over text.

The other day, we had this exchange:

Me: Do you have a list of things you want to do when you're here?
B: 1. Consume coffee. 2. Mock vegans. (The backstory: I have been following a vegan diet for almost two months. He likes $4 mochas.)

Me: What happens when the vegan is buying the coffee? Or are you treating? :)
B: Vegans being mocked can still treat.
Me: Ha! I disagree.
B:  Vegans being mocked can change their mind.

We'll see.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I just love all the pictures you put up on your blog of Cats....They are ALL Adorable! And your brother sounds adorable, too....! I hope you have a WONDERFUL visit with him!

The Elephant's Child said...

The youngest of my brothers is older than I am - but he still love, love, loves mocking my vegetarian diet. He, like many males, is a true carnivore and does not consider a meal complete without meat. (Tomatoes and potatoes have honorary meat status. Other vegetables he tells me are the garnish put on a plate to make the meat look good.) Perhaps he was a cat in his last life.

Granny Annie said...

Sounds like he's got his sister's sense of humor:)

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like you two are going to have a lot of fun! He does sound grown up for 16. :D

Riot Kitty said...

OLOTH: Thanks!
TEC: The mocking, the carnivorousness...yes, I think a cat reincarnated fits the bill.
GA: He's actually much more clever than I am! More mature, too, come to think of it.
Joey: We usually do!

Lynn said...

Blake is so great - I love his humor. :) I hope y'all have a great time!

The lol cat made me lol!

G. B. Miller said...

To be honest, there are only one kind of vegan/vegetarian that can truly be mocked: the rigidly narrow minded.

'Course, if one consumes coffee, the snarkier and more biting the mocking will be.

Which of course can and will lead to incredible amounts of punishment inflicted on the veggie eater being mocked.

Thanks for the post idea. :D

Claire said...

Caffeinated cat is awesome. As are you :) I hope you have the best visit!

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like you have some fun times ahead! Hope you can find some good come-backs to his mockery!

Riot Kitty said...

L: Thank you! And we will :)
GB: Rigidly narrow-minded people piss me off...now I am curious about your post!
C: Thanks!
RC: Always. And I have Mr. RK to find some, if I fail ;)

Introverted Art said...

There is nothing nicer than a little brother I love mine too ;-)

DWei said...

I'm excited for the 12th for a different reason. I'm done on that day. :D

Holland said...

Vegans being mocked can have revenge posts on her blog...:)

Riot Kitty said...

IA: Or nothing funnier!
DW: Congrats!
H: Excellent idea.

Gluttondan said...

Come on now! Don't you know that the eldest sibling is the one who buys the coffee?

And to answer your question on my blog, Lust is represented by According to Jewels. Another perfect fit for the job!

Darth Weasel said...

Hmm. I might have to be with Mr. Griffin on this one (and yes, that is a joke I am probably the only reader of your blog gets...I will text you the jest shortly. At a more appropriate hour)

Enjoy time with B, all too soon he will not be 16 going on 40 but 25...

Riot Kitty said...

Dan: Ah, now I got it.
Darth: Thanks!

Ileana said...

You make me want a little brother just like yours. Love his sense of humor...I can tell you are familia! :)

Riot Kitty said...

Ily: He's pretty great!