Saturday, October 02, 2010


For the writing group I facilitate, our "assignment" this time around was to write anything we liked, in any genre, with the theme of "seasons." Since we discussed this writing assignment I've had these lyrics from sometime in the mid to late 80s rolling around in my head:

Seasons change, people change.

I thought it was The Bangles but it turned out to be Exposé.

Fall has always been my favorite season. I can see everything in my head that I want to say to describe why, but can't quite find the right words because everything seems to be stored in a succession of images.

Most of my favorite fall images and memories and scenes are from a place I used to live - New York.

Leaves in brilliant fiery colors in Central Park, children running through a field laughing. A palette of primary color pastels invoked in a drawing of trees bought from a vendor near the steps of the Met. Eating soup in a cafe with my dad when I went to check out my future school. A cafe that would later turn into a gray, soulless computer store. Watching a cute guy make on a pay phone in that cafe slowly turn around until he was totally facing me. (This was in the days when cell
phones cost $1,000 and weighed a couple of pounds.)

Buying a pea coat at Bloomingdales and wearing a rust colored shirt and thinking how free I would feel if I were to come and live here. Thinking how happy I would be.


Scarlet Ily said...

You sold me! When are we all moving to NY??

G said...

Very nice opening shot.

A good post as well, but you could've expanded it with a few more pleasant memories of fall.

I just started getting a great picture in my head when you cruised to a stop.


Fireblossom said...

Soup is always a good choice in Fall! Autumn seems to inspire a lot of us to write or take photographs...maybe it is that we know how transitory the season is. And yet, we also know it will come around again, so who knows.

A computer store? Phooey!

Mama Zen said...

I think that you've described it beautifully!

LL Cool Joe said...

You reminded me of that song "Seasons in The Sun" by Terry Jacks.

Not sure if that;s good or bad! Nice photo.

My verification word is "Spolcat" perfect for you! :D

Darth Weasel said...

I gotta go with the "my favorite season is any time the weather is not reprehensible" shot...boring but true

Riot Kitty said...

S: You already lived there, no?
G: I ended it when I did because then I started thinking about winter, which sucks. I'm used to writing in short spurts I guess.
FB: And I am making chili tonight!
MZ: Thanks!
Joey: Spolcat?! LOL! I haven't heard Terry Jacks, I'll go check it out.
Darth: Totally with you on that one!

Scarlet Ily said...

Upstate but I'm ready for NYC. I haven't been there since I was 19!

Lynn said...

You make me want to visit New York, too. I love fall myself. Today is my second day in boots. :)

Riot Kitty said...

SI: So let's go!
Lynn: I'm getting the boots out too.

Alpha Za said...
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