Saturday, June 26, 2010

Plastic Joy

Now, now, before you get the wrong idea - thanks to Joey, I have received the Plastic Joy Award.

Yes, it still has to do with sex, just not with toys! take it verbatim from Joe:

In my award acceptance speech I have to name 5 people I'd like to get jiggy with if I could, and apparently, my partner won't get mad and kill me with a shot gun.

My first thought: only five? So here goes - and because these are fantasies anyhow, I included a few "if they were still alive and hot" examples. Let's say to make any of these happen, it would involve me becoming famous, life after death, reverse aging in one case...and Mr. RK would have suddenly decided he was gay.

BTW, Mr. RK said while I was writing this post, "You embody the characteristics of silliness." I tried to tag him but he declined. "I think the only way I'd be offended is if you picked Kenny Rogers," he said.

I happen to know he lusted after Martha Quinn, but anyhow.

1. Samuel West. A British actor who is the son of actors Prunella Scales (Fawlty Towers) and Timothy West. What can I say, he's hot!

2. Cary Grant. I don't care whether or not he shopped on my side of the street - he had class and elegance.

3. Russell Brand.
Don't ask me why - the hairy chest and British accent just do it for me!

4. Paul McCartney.
When he was younger and hotter.

5. Andy Garcia. Need I say more?

Now, I can't remember who has been tagged, who doesn't like being tagged, and what not, so please do this meme if you are so inclined! I'm curious about your answers.


Fireblossom said...

I really like that pic of Paul. And Andy Garcia is always a fine choice!

Ily said...

Wow, I'm going to have to learn more about Russell Brand. I can't see the chest or hear the accent, but ¡oye, está buenísimo!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice a rather similar look in all of these options-all definitely dark and handsome (not sure about the tall part). Can't argue with that.

Mama Zen said...

I love young Paul!

Riot Kitty said...

FB: I love that picture, too! I hadn't seen it before.
Ily: De acerdo!
AITBR: Interesting - I didn't think about that. Mr. RK is a brunette also.
MZ: Me too!

Mr. Riot Kitty said...

I received an e-mail from Mr. RK, with a lengthy list. I was asked to narrow the list down to 5 most likely candidates, but it is very difficult. Results to follow.

RA said...

Oooh, good choises! I'll take this tag and run with it... come to think of it, it IS hard to narrow it down to only five! :D

Claire said...

Nice choices! I love a bit of Cary!


Lynn said...

I loved Cary Grant in North by Northwest - one of my favorite films. It would have been cool to have dinner with him anyway. :)

And Andy Garcia. Sigh. I'm with you on that one.

Holland said...

hmmm... I agree with Andy, Samuel West is a nice surprise... I was thinking you would go with a Gerard Butler... or would that be

JLee said...

I am still trying to figure out why this is called Plastic Joy? lol

I am bad at this because I am generally not attracted to movie stars, etc, but I do like George Clooney.

Aliceson said...

Oh yes, young Paul McCartney for sure!

Darth Weasel said...

am I the only person on earth who has no idea who andy garcia is?

Mike_D said...

Oh--I see.

I must be #6.

Just kidding.

Two words: Jessica Alba. Who, as you know, RK, is my future wife. She just doesn't know it yet.


Senorita said...

OMG, I used to laugh at Katy Perry for being so in love with Russell Brand.

But I just saw his film To The Greek and I would totally do it with him. Now I see what it's all about !

Riot Kitty said...

Mr. RK: I will wait for it!
RA: I know, right? :)
Claire and Lynn: Just shows we have good taste.
Holland: You can play, too!
JLee: I don't know...but I thought the photo was hilarious.
A: He kind of looks like a girl with that haircut though, doesn't he?
Darth: Yes. Yes, you are ;)
Mike: LMAO! I didn't know you liked Jessica Alba.
S: Thanks for adding him to your list, I just read it and laughed my ass off!

Anonymous said...
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Grandpa Eddie said...

Do I get five? I hope so, 'cause here goes....

Note: All the following would be have to be in their prime.

Mae West, Raquel Welch, Sheena Easton, Victoria Principal, and Kendra Wilkinson(she's fine the way she is now).

Riot Kitty said...

GE: Hello! Of course you do!