Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Perverted periodontal appointment

OK, the real pervert, obviously, is me. But tell me this conversation wouldn't have you in giggles:

Periodontist: "I recommend you get an electric toothbrush. Be sure you get the kind that vibrates, though."

Me: "Gotcha." (Snicker.)

Periodontist: "And - you said you're married, right? It changes heads, so your husband can use it, too."

Me: "OK." (Trying VERY hard not to laugh.)

Next week I have to get a cleaning (today was exam only), so it probably won't be so funny. But with enough anesthesia, who can say? :)


Lynn said...

I would have giggled, too. :) Did you get the toothbrush?

G said...

Adjustable speeds for those hard to reach places?

Granny Annie said...

"What? I can't hear you. My vibrating toothbrush is too loud." (I don't know why I said that. I just had to. Sorry. My children complain that I have dumb outbursts.)

Fireblossom said...

...and then you'll be back a week later with a big goofy smile on your face, asking "H-h-how d-d-d-do you t-t-t-t-t-turn this thing of-f-f-f-f?

Anonymous said...

I love the Happy Tree Friends. So much violence.

I have a friend (best friend's girlfriend) who doesn't always know the proper term for some things. She speaks perfect english with little accent though. She had only been in Canada a few years when this happened.
She was in a group of people including her boyfriend when she mentioned she needed new batteries for her vibrator. Her boyfriend was mortified. Everybody else just giggled (or belly laughed).
What she meant was she needed batteries for her hand-held battery powered shiatsu back massager thing. She didn't know vibrator (which may have been a translation from what these devices are called in Chinese) means something different in English. It's been nearly ten years since this episode and we still joke about it around her.

Amanda said...

hee. every time i use my toothbrush i'm like "hmmmmm..."

glad to have found your blog today!

Logical Libby said...

I would have lost it when he said "heads."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, any time you can come out of a dental office giggling, it is a good day.

Riot Kitty said...

Lynn: My dad ordered the toothbrush for me. I told him the story and he laughed his butt off.
G: Righty-ho! I'll soon find out ;)
GA: You are hilarious! Not dumb at all. You made *me* laugh
FB: I know, right? ;)
WIGSF: That is hilarious! I'd never let her live that one down.
A: Thanks!
L: Had I not been in a state of anxiety over being there, I definitely would have ;)
AITBR: That is a very good point!

mac said...


Oh, alright. I wold have done the same thing, but maybe just been a little cruder ;-)

Culture Served Raw said...

Funny post! any yayy I love happy tree friends

Holland said...

It changes heads so your husband can use it... ok at that point I would have just laughed out loud.... LOL

Riot Kitty said...

Mac: I can see that ;)
CSR: Thanks!
H: In retrospect, I can't believe I didnt'!

Ily said...

Ha! Mr. RK must've liked this post! :D

PS - Let me know how he likes the toothbrush! lol

Riot Kitty said...

Ily: He did and I will ;)

Ally said...

Ms. Kitty, I am so glad I hit this post today. I needed that laugh. Very cute!