Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two more things for the "don't call us" checklist

Actually, it can be summed up by asking a prospective author this question:


Seriously - DO NOT call us and make comments like this:

"So I wrote a book about a wolf, he's running around the backyard right now - he steals clothing off the clothesline, you know how that happens. And -oh yeah! I forgot! I have another book about a dragon - he's here, too."

Do I know how that happens? How a fucking wolf lives in my backyard and takes my clothing from the clothesline? Nope.

I suppose this means the wolf goes in drag?


Darth Weasel said...

as much as I despise them, I have to say...maybe this guy would actually BENEFIT from taking a couple hits off the bong or know you are in trouble when you intellectually compare unfavorably to a teenage beauty queen...

leftcoastbob said...

It's an allegory play, my dear.

The wolf represents greed. Our greedy nature is taking the natural resources of the world (the laundry) so that we (the caretakers of the clothesline) need to be more vigilant so that the earth can continue to be spring fresh Downy for the next generation.

No, wait--the wolf is actually our country's metaphorical overdeveloped id! The laundry is Iraq. Or maybe Central America! The clothesline is Hugo Chavez! No, wait! The laundry is...

Ah, fuck it--the dude's on drugs.